For everything that is related to healing, the astral plane is very useful, and in the future humans will have to accept the existence of the astral plane. That does not mean that humans are going to project massively or live in the astral plane, but in some way, humans will develop the instruments to work with the astral plane. And this is because the astral plane can be very helpful for many things.


For example, from the astral plane one can investigate much better the physical plane. And this is exactly what the Masters do when they want to see the state in which a person is.

The Masters do not carry out their research on a physical level, but simply they scrutinize the astral body of the person, and for example: they observe the resonances that this astral body has, the colors it emits, etc. And in this way they know much more about that person than all the analyzes that medicine can do on Earth.

And that is why for a healer who wants to be better and more successful, he needs to perceive the astral plane (either by vision, intuition, inspiration or touch) because it is on the astral plane that are generated and live the most of the diseases, while its physical manifestation is only the projection that this astral disease causes on the physical body.

Instead, just above of the emotional plane is the mental plane, where the disease has no place because the constitution of the substance that makes up the mental plane, as well as the vibration in which its particles move, all this makes it is impossible that the disease exists there.

And if an astral entity carrying a disease tried to enter in the mental plane, it would be completely annihilated. In other words, as soon as you are completely attuned to the mental plane, then you will rejoice of full health.

But as long as in the astral body there is something that is not going well: either in the reception of an energy, or in the emission of an energy, or because of a karmic problem, or any other thing, then there can be a sickness.

So when you want to be really healed, take care also of the astral body and not only of the physical body.

(In other words, you also have to pay close attention to your emotional health and not only to your physical health.)

And that will be the challenge of the future medicine, because if the medicine only continues take care for the physical, then the future medicine will no be able to treat the diseases (no matter how sophisticated will be its techniques) because the root of diseases is on the astral plane and it is at that level that there is need to circulate, manipulate or release the energies.

Why is it so important to feel the astral body to heal?

Because it allows to have a deep medical scan of the patient and therefore will know in which places there are energetic blockages, physical damages, etc.


And another very important aspect of the astral plane in the medicine of the future is that through the management of the astral body, the depolarization of the physical body will be achieved, which will allow all types of anesthesia.

You already know that the nervous system works through electrical signals. What they still do not know is that changing the polarity prevents nerves from transmitting information to the brain.

And to depolarize it is required that the energy circulating in the patient stop flowing momentarily through the organ that is going to operate, and to achieve it is required to divert the energy to flow outside (instead of towards the organ) which will cause that the patient stops feeling in this organ.

It's a bit like if you turn off momentarily the nerve system locally in this place of the body.


When we observe the hidden history of humanity, we realize that in the first human races (when humans were still partially ethereal), diseases came mainly from the physical plane, because humans were barely forming their physical body of dense matter.

And all the health problems in these ancient ages came essentially from the fact that these races had a lot of difficulty in coupling with the physical plane, and the physical body of these ancient ages had great difficulty in constituting itself as it is now.

Currently the physical body is perfectly formed and can even function alone without the intervention of humans. But before it required the participation of the will of the soul so that the organs would work.

For example, now the physical body is perfectly constituted, and you can breathe without problem and without thinking about it. And also your digestive system can digest by itself without you having to make a particular effort in it.

In short, your entire body works impeccably without you having to guide it. But before, it was not like that, and you had to be directing the different functions of your body.

But now that all this has been acquired, the points of friction have gone up in order to place themselves in the astral plane.

Before, the friction with the soul was placed on the physical plane and diseases were much more torturous. Not because humans suffered more, but because these diseases caused ugly deformations, since the point of friction was precisely the physical.

And that is why some of these diseases led to the formation of monstrous humans, which were described in a fabulous way in the ancient mythologies.


Humans are going to suffer more and more from diseases that will come from the astral plane, and the medicine must absolutely take attention to the astral plane, because otherwise it will be increasingly relined, to the degree that the medicine will not find the reason of what will cause the diseases that will manifest in the future.

But as everything must be done in the due time, first the medicine will accept the existence of the astral plane in a future time, and this simply because of the increasing proliferation of the healers.

And the diseases becoming more and more enigmatic, and the healers getting more and more good results (since they will be working on the energy aspect). Medicine will be forced to investigate how the healers do it, and scientists will realize that there are true healers who have a real healing power over these new diseases, and therefore medicine will end up accepting that discipline, at the point that it will become a new science that will even be taught in universities.

(Master Pasteur, conference 11-07-87)


The development of antibiotics in the 20th century made some researchers naively think that diseases would soon be eliminated. But paradoxically in the 21st century and in spite of having much more profound knowledge (such as the study of genetics) and of having also much more advanced technologies, researchers are concerned that microbes become increasingly immune to the known antibiotics and fewer new antibiotics are discovered every year.

In addition, new diseases such as AIDS or mental degenerative diseases disconcert the science and the medical researchers fail to find an efficient cure.

So it seems that Pastor's prophecy is being fulfilled...

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