Vsevolod Solovyov was a Russian writer and in a letter he wrote to Vera Zhelikhovsky (Blavatsky’s sister), he tells her the following event:

« Here is one more proof [of the existence of the Transhimalayan Masters]. I received at Wurtzbourg, at the same time to the great jealousy of all the Theosophists, an autograph letter written in Russian from Mahatma Kuthumi!

I was not the least astonished when I found this letter lying precisely in the book I held in my hand. I had a presentiment it would be so. I knew it beforehand!

What did astonish me, however, was that in it he spoke clearly and shortly of the very things we were discussing at the moment. In it I found a precise reply to my question of the moment before, although I was standing apart, and no one had approached me.

Even if anyone had been able to insert the letter in the book, the individual who did so must have been able to control my thoughts, and cause me to pronounce the words I had spoken, for me to have found in it an exact reply.

I have often observed the same phenomena in my own case and in that of others. »
(Blavatsky’s life narrated by her sister Mrs. Zhelikhovsky)

And Mrs. Zhelikhovsky mentions that Solovyov suggested that perhaps Blavatsky had hypnotized him.

To which she responded:

« The occult powers of Madame Blavatsky were, without doubt, great. Nevertheless no one, so far as I know, has ever attributed her faculties to hypnotic suggestion, as M. Solovyov seems to imply.

Besides which, his hypothesis will not stand criticism, for many times the letters from the Mahatmas and from Madame Blavatsky have been submitted to the inspection of experts, who have always pronounced the handwritings to be different.

In addition to which, M. Solovyov has not been the only one to receive such letters under precisely similar conditions. Dr. Hubbe Schleiden, editor of The Sphinx, and many others who can prove it, have received their letters in the absence of Madame Blavatsky.

And since the death of my sister, identical letters have been received in London at the headquarters of the Theosophists. Mrs. Annie Besant, Countess Wachtmeister, Mr. Judge and others have spoken in all the theosophical journals, and one of these letters from Mahatma Morya (the master of Blavatsky) asks his followers to continue with their work, which produced a great sensation in the entire theosophical world. »
(Blavatsky’s life narrated by her sister Mrs. Zhelikhovsky)

And in a discussion that Blavatsky had about this event, she said the following:

« Think only of a case with Solovyov, I was sick in my bed. A letter of his, an old letter received in London and torn up by me, rematerialized in my own sight, I looking at the thing; five or six lines in the Russian language, in Mahatma Kuthumi's handwriting in blue, the words taken from my head.

The letter old and crumbled travelling slowly alone (even I could not see the astral hand of the Kuthumi’s disciple performing the operation) across the bedroom, then slipping into and among Solovyov’s papers, who was writing in the little drawing-room, correcting my manuscripts; Olcott standing closely by him and having just handled the papers, looking over them with Solovyov.

Suddenly Solovyov find the latter, and like a flash I see in his head in Russian the thought:

     -   "The old imposter (meaning Olcott) must have put it there!"
(Mary K. Neff, “The Brothers of Madame Blavatsky, Adyar, Madras, India: Theosophical Publishing House, 1932, p.94. Quoting from Introduction to The Early Teachings of the Masters by C. Jinarajadasa.)

And it is logical that a skeptical person would think that Blavatsky and Olcott wrote those letters, and then discreetly gave them to the people, making them believe that they belonged to the Masters.

But as Vera Zhelikhovsky pointed out:

So how to explain the Masters’ letters that were received in the absence of Madame Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott?

And being very distrustful, we could consider that they had their accomplices, but I have investigated and analyzed this issue in greater depth, and I have come to the conclusion that very likely the materialization of those letters, it was an authentic phenomenon, and in the blog, I will go detailing the reasons that led me to conclude that.

And one of those reasons is that not only we are talking about materialization letter, but there are also numerous testimonies from people who claim to have seen the Masters in person, and for example, Solovyov himself mentioned that the previous year Master Morya appeared him and had a long conversation with him.

(And his story, you can read here.)

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The Masters Kuthumi and Morya had approached to Vsevolod Solovyov because they saw a great potential in him, but unfortunately Solovyov failed to appreciate this great opportunity that was given to him and ended up deflecting himself from the path as I detail it in this other article (link).

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