Esotericism teaches that humans have a creative power that science does not yet know, but that allows them through their thoughts and their emotions to create on the astral plane forms of thought, that if they are continually reinforced, these forms of thought come alive.

Unfortunately, the big majority of the thoughts and emotions that humans generate are negative, which causes these entities created in the astral plane being equally negative, and these negative entities (known as “astral parasites” or “astral larvae”) are going to energetically vampirize the humans.

The most dangerous will cause many diseases and many deaths, and the least dangerous, although they are not so destructive, they will still cause many disturbances in people such as: tiredness, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, shame, etc.

And about these less aggressive, but equally harmful entities, Master Pasteur said the following:

« You must know [referring to someone who was in the room] that the feeling of shame that you feel in your interior is produced by an astral entity. And I am referring to the shame you feel about yourself and not to the shame you feel in the eyes of others, but the shame that you feel about yourself and that shame is the most tenacious.

But about this feeling of shame you should absolutely laugh.


Because this feeling is not yours, but it is created by an astral parasite that has found the way to take root in you for vampirize your energy.

The fear is the feeling that the astral parasites handle the more easily, and all the astral parasites scoff at seeing how they can manipulate humans so easily, they say to themselves:

« Look at this human, you just have to introduce a little fear into him so that he will be anguished and panic and gives us his energy.

Life on Earth is fantastic!

Because you just have to stir up the ghost of fear around humans and all they are on their knees! »

Then the first thing you must do is realize that it is not your fear, it is not your shame. Look at how much you are still trapped in this belief that you think that all you feel in your interior is you.

But no

In reality you are perceiving an information and more specific you are perceiving the information of the shame. But I reiterate you, this shame it is not you, you are only perceiving this information, and this internal perception must never become your identity.

You should never take it as part of yourself. Simply observe the sensations that appear inside you.

Think that:

« Now I perceive within me a feeling of shame that came suddenly after such an event. »

Either because someone told you something, or because something happened, or because you remembered something, etc.

And how are you going to treat this information?

First, be aware that this feeling of shame is not yours, but that it is the fear of the images you have, and those images are kept active by astral parasites because it is their only way of surviving, since for thousands and thousands of years, all those astral parasites must find a way to continue existing. But that survival should not be at the expense of humans as has happened up to now.

So refuse that.

Because your body must be clean and you must be the only habitant of your temple.

So, when you realize that it is an astral parasite that sends you that feeling of fear, and that this parasite strongly hope that you will fall into its trap. The second thing you must do is laugh about that fear and respond to this astral parasite:

« Listen to me careful you astral larva, I will not fall more into your game. It's over. And from now, you will begin to lose weight because I am no longer going to feed you more with my energy believing in your mirages and your aberrations. »

And the astral parasite after a few days will leave you and it will go to seek for another human that be easier to handle. And when the astral parasites are among them along the big corridors of the astral plane, they start talking between them:

« Hello! How are you? Tell me, you would not know a human who is not too annoying. Someone who is not spiritual so that he is not torture me with his prayers and his good intentions. I want someone who is heavy, square and suitable for me. You understand me. »

(Laughter from the audience)

And that is where the administrative larva reaches out to them, because you have to know that the astral parasites are also organized (because as soon as there is life, there is an organization that is structured around that life).

Then the administrative larva tells to this other larvae:

« Let's see, here I have the list of all humans who are currently incarnated and who are deaf and blind to spirituality, and who are also vibratory heavy. Here are the addresses. »

(Laughter from the audience)

And we see the happy larva with his file go and try to settle in the different addresses. And when it decides for a new human, the larva prevents other larvae from settling because it needs of all the human energy to exist.

But the man has several bodies of existence: he has the physical body, he has the etheric body, he has the astral body, and he has the lower mental body that is the intellect. And that makes many places where several unwanted guests can settle.

So you have to say NO.

Inside me you do not install

Never more!

And right now I'm listening to a person who is in the room and have a big heart, thinking inside her:

« But poor astral larvae, all there alone on the astral plane. Where are they going? What will they become? What could we do for them? »

Oh my God with these humans!

They always go to both extremes, or they are too selfish or they are too kind. And the most kind would be able to create a Protective Society for the astral larvae...!!!

(Laughter from the audience)

But it is not your job to worry about the life, protection and habitat of the astral larvae, because, really, I assure you that these entities are real monsters.

If you could see them through clairvoyance, how they really are those entities (if only for a moment), you would understand what I mean and you would be very happy that those creatures were thrown into the bottom of the sun to disappear them forever.

Your compassion should not go towards these creatures. This work of dealing with the astral parasites should be left to the Cosmic Being who takes care of Earth: the Lord of the World (also named the Planetary Logos). So leave to Lord of Earth to take care of them.

And what does the Planetary Logos do with those astral parasites?

Well, regularly the Lord of the World sends his network to the astral plane (a network that he elaborates with the energy of the moon) and with that network he catches all the astral parasites that are half attached from men, and he takes them to a remote place in the space. And then, there, the Lord of the World enters in a deep meditation.

He does not want to destroy those entities because they are living creatures, and he who is life itself, he does not want to kill. So what he does is to transform these negative life forms into higher vibrations.

And so from this stinking filth that men have created, the Lord of the World turns it into a shining dust.

And what does he do with it?

Well, he makes particles of vitality and from that moment these can become sparks of light.

They will never have the destiny to become a soul (even a lower soul as is the case with the soul of plants or minerals). But they can become light. And that light can serve for many things. It is used by the nature, and it is also used by the stars, and it is also used by humanity itself who initially created all that nauseating filth.

And at that moment there is a great purification on Earth and a great relief is felt in all humanity, because in a single blow, men are freed from all the harmful influence that those astral parasites exerted on them, and it is when historically it begins a golden age, that is, a period of prosperity for humanity.

However, the Lord of the World does not come every ten minutes to clean this filth and turn it into light. He comes to specific moments, when he sees that if we left human beings alone with all those demons that they themselves have created, then humanity could not take a step further.

And it is then this global exorcism gets ready and it happens.

That is what happens with the astral parasites that were not deeply rooted within men. While the astral parasites that are too entrenched within humans because these humans are still too vibratory heavy. Those astral parasites remain with men and the Lords of Karma are who decide a plan to separate those astral parasites from men.

And that is when we see the humanity sink into wars, or cataclysms, or economic crises, etc. »

(Conference 10.26.91)


We see that behind many of these negative feelings we have (feelings of depression, shame, fear, etc.) are these astral parasites that seek to keep us submitted to these feelings so that they can nourish from our energy.

But, that does not mean that all those negative feelings are generated by those astral parasites, and for example, it is very natural that the feeling of fear arises when our life is in danger.

But it is also true that many of these feelings become pathological, and one of the reasons for this it is because we are being besieged by those astral parasites (just as our body is being besieged by germs all the time).

And the transmutation that the Lord of the World makes of this negative filth created by men, reminds me of what the angel said in the book "Talking with Angels":

« All is good in the plan conceived by God, and what is bad here down on Earth, in reality is good up there in Heaven.

And this is because even if it seems incredible to you, the source of what generates the divine joy, are precisely all these negative things: hatred, evil, anger, etc.

The problem is that the energies are not in their place and that is why they destroy, but the destruction ceases if you elevate them, and then from the poison comes the cure, from the dark comes the light, from the hatred comes happiness.

How is that possible?

The answer to this mystery is in the transformation and man is the Great Transformer.

Man can be the most evil beast and yet he is the source of the joy because he can transform the energy. But the energy that not be used correctly: poisons, destroys and devastates.

And that is when the evil is generated, and the energy that upward was going to be bliss, downward becomes misfortune. But if you elevate the energies that generate that evil, then you have the eternal happiness in your hands, because evil will no longer exist.

Be sure to do that and all diseases, all misfortunes and all calamities will cease. »

We see that in the God's plan, humans have the task of elevating the energies that are in the earthly world and they do that through good vibrations. And that benefits the two worlds: the divine world and the terrestrial world. But when humans do not do the work that corresponds, the energy becomes harmful and destructive.

And that is precisely what humans do by generating negative vibrations because these negative vibrations are transformed into harmful astral parasites that are going to besiege and vampirize the humanity.

And the Lord of the World through his meditation transforms those harmful astral parasites in light; that is in what they were originally intended to be if they had been generated in a positive way.

But, we must also understand that humans do not intentionally create these harmful entities, what happens is that they are in a process of evolution where they are learning little by little to know how to manage their creative power. And like capricious children who first destroy a lot before learning how to care, in the same way humans first behave like little devils before learning to love.

~ * ~


To avoid being vampirized by the astral parasites, you must avoid having low thoughts and feelings such as fear, hatred, sadness, etc.

Also, as well as you bathe physically regularly, you have to bathe energetically, and there are different methods, check which serves you better.

And it is also recommended that you frequently visualize a circle of protection as I indicated in this other article (link). [Later I will put it]

And for those who want to know more about the astral larvae, I recommend you read these other articles:

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About these entities, Master Pasteur mentioned the following:

« When you want to be a disciple and you want to go towards the truth, the first thing you should do is realize that you are captive.

And I know that it sounds silly to say that like that, but this is the first awareness you have to make, and I would even say that this is the most fundamental awareness that you should grasp.

Therefore become aware that you are captive.

Most humans (and especially those who begin to study esotericism) imagine themselves better than they really are and also worse than they really are too. And they spend their time living in a terrible conflict.

They have the impression that in a certain way, they are already great initiates, but also in the times of crisis, they feel that they have all the defects of the world.

So, it is necessary to stop being up or down and simply see the situation as it really is.

And the reality is that you are captive.

And surely the first captivity that most of you come to mind is that you are locked in the matter.

The world is matter, and you are in this world and therefore you are captive to this matter. And this is true, but you do not remember that you accepted to go down into this world of matter in order to evolve. Then that temporary captivity within matter was freely consented and accepted by you.

Instead, there is another captivity that is much more pernicious and is it the captivity caused by the illusions.

But when one wants to go towards the truth, one must no longer allow the intellect to wander speculating about old reincarnations, or initiations in ancient civilizations, or existences on other planets, etc.

And it is important to get rid of all that because you cannot really meditate and you cannot go towards the truth, while you spend imagining and creating a fiction about what spirituality is.

And it is essential to avoid doing that, because not only that activity will take you away from the truth, but also a multitude of astral larvae, a multitude of astral shells and a multitude of disembodied humans will seek to strengthen the illusions that you are entertaining in your mind.

And those deceptive entities are going to project images in your head and in your dreams about the assumptions you are making. And even those manipulative entities are going to convince you through other people that what you assume is true.

And this is how we see, for example, a man who goes from clairvoyant to clairvoyant, and who always finds confirmation that he was in one of his past lives: either a great pharaoh of Egypt, or an Atlantean high priest, or someone else important.

And this man becomes so saturated with that conviction that one day he ends with a slight madness.


Because all those psychics, mediums and clairvoyants will have confirmed the assumption that he has, which will definitely have convinced him even more.

But what this man does not know is that when people work with the energy of the astral plane, these deceitful entities whisper that answer to who serves as a channel, and therefore those people confirm what this man wants to hear: that he was a great pharaoh, or an important initiate, or a high priest in Atlantis, etc.

But the day that this man meets a more evolved clairvoyant, this clairvoyant will say:

« That is false, there are no past lives for you like a great pharaoh of Egypt, or an important initiate, or a high priest of Atlantis. »

But the man, instead of understanding that he had been cajoled, he is going to reject this last affirmation and he will consider that this last clairvoyant is wrong. But the reality is that this last clairvoyant is right.

What happens is that this last clairvoyant works with the energy of the mental plane, and therefore he has an authentic and fiery light of a pure white electricity, and consequently this clairvoyant cannot be in communication with the malicious entities of the astral plane, so this clairvoyant will remain deaf to the murmurs of those malicious entities.

And why do these malicious entities like to give confirmations about the illusions that men make?

Simply because, in addition to the fun, of course, it allows those malicious entities to survive.

So is

The more men wander, the more men has pretensions, the more men have illusions, and the more these malicious entities can survive by obtaining energy at their expense, because by your dream and your illusions you give them a vital sap to these entities.

And if you could see the astral plane, you would observe huge congregations of those deceitful entities that also mimic the mental state and illusions of humans on Earth.

Which means that if there is a very pretentious man who thinks he is the new messiah of humanity, or the great guru of the decade, or any other quarrelsome character (no matter what he chooses to be).

Well, this presumptuous man will put himself in a state of appeal that will attract to him a deceptive entity that corresponds with his mirage, and these two associates (the individual and the deceptive entity) will live together and constantly exchange energies.

The man because he will believe in his illusion and will behave like that, and the deceitful entity because it will confirm that illusion by all kinds of means.

Even this deceptive entity is going to take on the astral plane, the physical appearance of its human partner who raves on Earth. And we will see that this malicious entity will also administer its faithful.

And who will be its followers?

Other entities of the astral plane, but more gullible than this entity.

Exactly the same thing happens on the astral plane that what happens on Earth with the false gurus that seduce the naive humans that are around them.

Now, let's take the opposite case and consider a disciple who begins to see more clearly and therefore does not want to live based on egocentrism, pride, vanity, and therefore no longer keeps those illusions.

Well, this disciple is not going to attract to him those deceptive entities of the astral plane. Instead, we will see he is attuned to his divine nature and it is in this way that the relationship will be made. It will no longer be a man who will be in contact with a malicious entity on the astral plane, but a human being who will be in contact with his divine spirit.

And that is the reason why you must ensure that you do not maintain any associations with these lying entities of the astral plane, and in order to achieve that you must free yourself from all those illusions, free yourself from all those fanaticisms and free yourself from all those dreams.

Even of those who taste the least because in your interior there is a form of honesty that tells you:

"No, all those things must not be true."

But when you return to home and you were trampled and mistreated again at the work, I understand that it feels good to become for a while an Egyptian pharaoh, or an Atlantean high priest, because suddenly you feel better and you say to the other people:

"I send them flying to all those who do not know me as I really am."

Which means that even if deep down you accept that you cannot afford to fall into such madness.

Well, inevitably as a result of the humiliations, you will still prefer to take the ticket to travel to the world of illusions, even if deep down you are skeptical about that digression.

But you must know that you not only distract yourself for a while, enjoying that illusion, but you also tune with the malicious entities of the astral plane.

And if it were only for one occasion, there would be no problems, but life is long, full of obstacles, humiliations, repressions of all kinds, and frustrated desires. And therefore, like a drug, you will want to distract yourself more and more.

First, you will want to make a trip to the world of illusions once time every month, then you will want to do it once time every weekend, then once time every day after you return from work, and finally your whole life will always be in tune with the astral plane.

And we see how some people in this way are progressively building for them a madness at their next reincarnation, because they are more and more immersed into their dreams, until the madness catches them completely.

And what at first is a slight madness, with time it becomes an intense madness. »

(Conference 10-26-91)


It is very probably that Pasteur had delivered this speech to a person in the audience who was in that situation, in order to make her understand the mistake she was making and helps her to free herself from the illusion that she entertained and that little by little it was plunging her into madness.

And Master Morya also spoke about the deceitful entities, and he said the following:

« [Mr. Sinnett and Mr. Hume] they have bad influences around them [referring to the astral parasites] and bad magnetic emanations as a result of alcoholic drinking, profane life and promiscuous physical associations (resulting even from shaking hands with a man who is energetically dirty).

But all those impediments we [the Masters] can neutralize them with a little effort and even clear away them without much detriment to ourselves.

On the other hand, the magnetism and invisible results proceeding from sincere but erroneous beliefs [that are all those illusions that Master Pasteur spoke] attract millions of strange influences, invisible living entities. And in the case of religious superstitions, it also attracts powerful agents, with which we would have to use more than the ordinary exercise of power to drive them away.

But in those cases, we do not find it either necessary or profitable to lose our time waging war to the Unprogressed Planetaries Spirits who delight in personating divinities and sometimes well known characters who have lived on Earth. »
(Mahatma Letter 134, p.462)

So, we see that apart the deceitful entities of the astral plane, there are also deceitful entities belonging to the mental plane, which are imperfect divine beings (that is, they did not finish their divine development successfully) and they take pleasure in pretending to be deities to be idolized and nourished by the energy that humans send them.

And these malicious entities not only feed from our illusions, but they can also introduce into our dreams, or in our experiences when we travel to the astral plane, or in spiritist séances; and they can pretend to be a familiar, or a friend, or a great historical figure, or a spiritual guide, or a wisdom teacher, or a being of light, etc.

And it is very easy for these entities deceive us because they can read our thoughts and they can also take the appearance they want.

So I recommend you to be cautious and suspicious when you have these kinds of meetings.


About this subject, Master Pasteur mentioned the following:

« If you observe a planet, but only with your physical eyes, with your science and with all the knowledge and data that this science has in the present day; what you can discover by these instruments will represent only a 10% of that planet.

Then to know a planet in a more complete way, humans need to develop the eye of intelligence (which is more commonly known as “the third eye”).

People think that the third eye only serves to look at the auras, to observe the invisible worlds, to perceive the Akashic records, etc. But in reality, when you apply the third eye for these purposes, you are only using 40 to 50% of its real capacity.


What is the third eye really for?

In reality, the third eye is not specifically used to see the aura, or to see in the astral plane, or to see in the Akashic records, and all those things.

Of course, initially these are the manifestations that humans who have activated their third eye can contemplate. But above all, the third eye has been created as an instrument of discovery, and it is within you so that you can know in depth all that you observe through the third eye.

And this is possible because when the third eye is very developed, it has the ability to discover the truth.

And at this point, the third eye could be compared with the telescopes, except that when you look at something with a telescope, you only perceive the image, but you have not the intelligence of what you are observing. So if you look at a planet through a telescope, you can see its surface, its atmosphere, etc. But you will not be able to perceive or feel the intelligence of this planet.

But on the other hand, if you look through the “esoteric telescope” that is the third eye, not only you will get the same physical vision of that planet, but you will also receive all the energy information that concerns that planet.

And that is why in the astral plane, when you can see the colors of the aura, not only you see the aura, but you also feel the person as she is, and this is due to the vibrations that she emanates.

So, the third eye allows the vision and the understanding of this vision, and that is the important point.

Everyone stops at the vision. But in reality, once you begin to perceive through the third eye, that simply means that you can begin to work seriously with the third eye, and then you must begin to use it also as a spiritual organ that allows the understanding of what is observed.


It's very simple, you just have to focus completely on the sound.

Let me explain: people who have their third eye already activated, accustom to focusing on images, colors and symbols that appear.

But what really needs to be done is that as soon as the third eye begins to function, you must withdraw from the phenomenal world of images and colors, to focus completely on the sound, because it is the sound that will allow you develop a greater evolution in the management of the third eye. And this sound in question is a [i:] very sharp (like in the word “see”).

So, for those who already have the ability to see the auras or see subtle forms, it is important that they practice meditation, and when they are in meditation, while they are focusing on the third eye, hearing in their head this sound [i:].

And for those who still cannot hear that sound in a natural way, formulate the sound [i:] in their head in the most acute way that they can imagine, without pronouncing it, just thinking about it. And you will see that your meditation will be strengthened.


Because many people suffer from loss of concentration during their meditation. But if you focus on this sound, you will be forced to develop a concentration because you will be occupying several of your senses at the same time:

  • You will use the sense of hearing because although you did not pronounce any sound, you will be occupying your ears because you are subtle and psychically listening to the sound [i:].
  • And you will also be occupying your mental, since you will have to concentrate to produce and think about this sound.
  • And you will also be occupying your eyes, since they will have to concentrate absolutely to the direction of the third eye.

And so the concentration that you develop is profound, and you can progressively discover the superior vision that allows the third eye, where together with the vision is added the understanding of what you are observing.

And this is how the Masters act, it is not otherwise, and for example, when Jesus said to his disciple:

"Go to Jerusalem’s gates because a donkey is waiting for me there,
and you bring it to me."

Did Jesus say that because he was a seer?
Did Jesus say that because he had the gift of divination?


Nothing of all that. Jesus was not even interested in exercising those things, but instead, the scope of his understanding that allowed his third eye was so great, that wherever he put his conscience, he had instant the vision and the understanding of it.

And therefore it was enough for Jesus to think in Jerusalem, for to know immediately what awaited him there:

- the donkey that was at the gates of the city and that would allow him to enter, and also the death that was waiting him to fulfill with his destiny...

~ * ~

So as you can see, the Masters use the third eye in a way and at a level very different from how other people use it, and when you also achieve that level of vision, then you will be able to truly look inside of life itself.

For example, you will be able to enter into the cells and know their intelligence, know their plans and know their hidden function. While currently with your microscopes, you can only observe their physical activity.

And going even further in the infinitely small, you will be able to do the same observation with the atoms and the particles, whereas at present you cannot even physically see them.

And that is the reason why the disciples already advanced, they incorporate the divine plan through the third eye and not otherwise as it would be through the dialogue or through writings, etc.

They do it through the third eye, because the other traditional ways are no longer enough because in order to truly accomplish something, you must be able to understand it in its deepest aspects, in order to sustain it (in the same way as the sailor held on the rudder of his ship in his hands).

Because if the sailor does not know which direction he should take, he will inevitably go in any direction. Then the ability of the disciple must be that: to know the course taught by the Master, to know his ship and to keep it going through his ship. »

(Conference 11-07-87)


In another conference, Pasteur explained that when humans reach a certain level of evolution, they acquire what the Masters call “the instantaneous knowledge.” And from then, they have just to focus on something so that they can get all the information about this something. And here we discover that this faculty is obtained through the third eye when it is used in its superior capacity.

But Pasteur also warned in another conference that we should not want to awaken the third eye without having first mastered our lower nature, because then we risk being invaded and tormented by numerous harmful entities of the lower astral.

When I find those lectures I transcribe them.


About this topic, Master Pasteur said the following:

« When astrologers want to study the astrological chart in a deeper way, they should no longer consider only the planets, but they should, and more importantly, consider their ray (and beyond the ray, they should also consider the cosmic Entity which presides over each of these planets) because then the astrologers will really know how to determine the initiatory path of a person, instead of just describing her astrological chart.

And of course the things of the physical plane also count, and these things are largely determined in the astrological report. But for someone who wants to use the astrology in a much more initiatory way, and also for someone who wants to advise people in a much deeper way, then she must consider the ray of each planet.

Many of you already know the first three rays, that is, the ray of will, the ray of love-wisdom and the ray of active intelligence, as well as the other four rays which are quite well known now.

Well, when you get to determine the ray of the planet (and considering the aspects that the other planets do with this planet) then you can know many more things about the persons.

For example, you will be able to know what will be the initiatory tests that the person will have to go through, or what she have to learn in this life, what aspects of her personality she should abandon, where she will be confronted, what she should get rid of, etc.

And why do I insist so much on the rays?

Because just now, many astrologers say they can do initiatory astrological reports by considering the psychic aspect of the planets. And it is true that this is already a higher level to proceed than the traditional astrology and that method is spreading more and more nowadays.

But for a more knowledge, it is necessary to consider the rays (i.e. to surpass even the psychic influence of the planets). Because when you consider the ray, you will know what aspects that ray will project on the initiatory, psychic and even physical plane.

And that is why when astrologers will make astrological reports from the rays, all the astrology will change.

Actually, there are many astrologers who are good-willed and they are trying to go further, they are trying to discover much more about the soul and the energies, but they are very stuck and paralyzed in their search.


Because to go further, it is necessary to understand and mix the old astrological tradition with the knowledge on the rays.

And surely some of you will tell me that the rays, in any case, are very quickly determined, and when we become familiar with their characteristics, we realize that their nature is finally summarized in each occasion with a few words.

And that is true, but there is where each astrologer has to find the significance of these words and understanding what they involve vibratory and energetically in the astrological chart. »

(Conference 11-07-87)


So we see that to be able to study more deeply the astrology, it is necessary to study the rays. Unfortunately, many false things have been invented about the rays, and that is why I recommend you to be cautious.

For example, the followers of Alice Bailey say that she is the one who explained the most about the rays, but when you study the Bailey's teachings with greater attention, you discover that her teachings are full of falsehoods.

For example, Alice Bailey is tremendously wrong with the sacred planets as I show in this other article (see link).

And if the sacred planets are wrong, then the correspondences she makes with the rays also going to be wrong.

In the blog, I will be putting all the interesting information I find about the rays, but for those who do not want to wait, my recommendation is you investigate in the Original Theosophy, because it is the true teaching that was revealed by the Masters of Shambhala, while most of the other "esoteric teachings" that emerged afterwards are greater or lesser distorted and altered.


About this theme, Master Pasteur said the following:

« As your center of life, which is your heart, is positioned within your body. Well, in the same way the center of life of a planet is positioned in the center of that planet.

And this center of the planet's life is manifested in the form of a sun.

And when I refer to a sun, I speak of a real sun, not a core composed of magma or lava, but a sun like you have in the middle of the solar system (although obviously much smaller).

I want to mean that if you made a cross section of a planet, then you would perceive the crust of that planet with its various terrestrial components (or gaseous components for the gaseous planets), and sometimes more inside you would observe other elements that are more in combustion as is the case of magma.

And in the center, people would expect to find fire, a very physical fire, but it is not so. On the contrary, there is at this level a loss of the probe.


Because the vibratory degree becomes more and more intense. That is, each planet is in fact a sun that has gradually become cold, and that cooling has created a density for the formation of matter on it.

The sun that you know and which is part of your solar system (and who is in fact the father of the solar system), this sun does not have any density in the way that I mention to you. It emits only radiation, vibrations and energy.

On the other hand, when we look the suns that are destined to materialize as planets, we have to wait for a certain time, wait for a certain cycle, for a certain number of turns inside the universe itself, so that these suns begin to cool, (because the order to retract is given to them).

And it is only at that moment, when the spiritual radiance of these little suns ends up descending in vibration, that they can create atoms capable of forming matter, a terrestrial layer, etc.

And that is why the highly developed beings reside in the heart of the planet, because it is the only place where the spiritual sun of the planet still resides.

So, the spiritual dimension of the planet is not outside, nor is it in the astral plane of the planet as some claim, but it is in the heart of the planet.

And that is why in the occultism traditions and legends, there has always been the myth of the sleeping king in the Earth's heart. The myth of the king on his throne with his servants, in the hollow of the planet itself.

But it is not a myth, it is a reality. However, do not expect to descend to the center of Earth and discover the Planetary Logos and his divine hierarchy because no physical road leads to that congregation of very high beings, because even if there are doors that lead to them, these doors open to another dimension (and this other dimension is located inside the planet).

In the same way that if you physically want to see what is happening on the sun, you will not find any trace of life. But if you go there and ascended to the higher planes that are in the sun, then yes, you will find the beings that live in the sun.

And this is because every time you approach to a luminous area of the universe, that means that the habitants of this point of light can only radiate and therefore they are already in a highly evolved degree, and they no longer live in the physical plane but they are located in a spiritual sphere (although that spiritual sphere has also a physical manifestation).

On the other hand, the planets that have terrestrial crusts, that means that those planets have, or have had, or will have physical humanities, while the spheres that are only energy (as is the case of stars), those spheres only harbor civilizations already elevated in the fourth, in the fifth or even in the sixth dimension, as is the case of the sun.

What do I mean by the sixth dimension?

I am simply referring to the highest spiritual plane that comes from the earthly hierarchy accessible to the human being.

~ * ~

In conclusion, the spiritual dimension of a planet is manifested in the form of a star that is located in the center of that planet, and this spiritual dimension is that will determine all the characteristics of that planet: its volume, its mass, its color, its vibration, its energy influence, etc. »

(Conference 11-07-87)


The investigation that I have carried about on Pastor led me to conclude that is very probable he is a true master of the planetary hierarchy (i.e. he is one of those humans who are much more advanced than us) and that is why I give him a vote of confidence that what he says is probably true.

Comparison with the Hollow Earth Theory

However, you must not confuse Pastor's explanation with the Hollow Earth Theory, because this theory claims that Earth is like the cape of a ping-pong ball with a large space empty inside and a small sun shining in its center.

(And some people added that there are two holes in the poles of Earth that allow to enter inside, and the inside Earth's crust contains also oceans and mountains, and there are also civilizations that live on the inside Earth's crust, and these habitants inside Earth are extraterrestrials or Anunnakis or Reptilians, etc.

So as you can see, this theory is a mix of many inventions.)

Whereas what Pasteur said is that the planets are actually small stars whose vibration has been reduced so that a layer of matter can be created on its surface.

And from an esoteric perspective, this asseveration has logic, since every source of life has its origin in the Spirit that descends into matter.

And Pastor also specified that the habitants of this inner star are not on the physical plane, but in another “dimension”, that is to say in a higher plane of existence. (Maybe the mental plane or the buddhic plane).

Scientific arguments against

Scientists have given several arguments against the Hollow Earth Theory, for example:

  • They point out that if the Earth's crust was structured in the form of a shell, then the force of gravity would cause that crust to collapse.
  • And they also mention that there would not be enough matter to create the force of gravity that Earth has.
  • And they also specify that the central space of a hollow sphere has not a gravitational field and therefore no body inside it could maintain a central position.

And the scientists are right, but the detail is that this idea of ​​considering that the layer of matter is very thin is a belief of the Hollow Earth Theory, but Pastor did not mention that, he mentioned that the a star that is destined to become a planet condenses internally until it allows matter to cover it on its surface, and it is very possible that there are large layers of matter covering the internal sun of the planets.

And this structure does not contradict the physical laws. And if you observe it well, you will find that it is very similar to the structure that science proposes, only that esotericism gives a different explanation to how the planets are born.