~ * ~

The picture we know of Franz Hartmann where he appears younger is the next one where I estimate that he would be around 30 years old, and therefore I suppose this photo was taken in America when he was there for love to adventure.

But the most famous photo of him is this below where I calculate that he was between forty to fifty years old, and that is why I think this picture was taken in 1986 (when Franz Hartmann was 47) and when he return to Europe after having been sixteen months in India at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, Madras.

And the next picture seems to have been taken also in this period.

In 1897, at the age of 65, Franz Hartmann returned to the United States, but this time to participate in a lecture tour, and the Theosophical Society led by Katherine Tingley wrote an article in its magazine "Theosophy" for present him, and they put the following picture which appeared in the publication in June 1897 (Vol. 12, p.88):

And this photo above (plus the best-known photo) they also appeared in the autobiography that Franz Hartmann wrote for the English magazine "Occult Review" and which was published in January 1908 (p.7-35).

And maybe Franz Hartmann took advantage of his stay in America to take this photo in western costume to remember his adventures.

The following photo (where his signature also appears) was found in the Theosophical Society in America archives.

And I found these two more photos where Franz Hartmann appears older and they were probably taken in Germany, where he resided during the end of his life.

And I also found a painted portrait of him, but whose author is unknown to me.

And I also found the cover of two German books dealing with him.


Alice Bailey wants to make her students believe that the Masters of Wisdom know very little about reincarnation and they are profoundly ignorant about how it works.

And this is why, in his book The Reappearance of Christ, the Tibetan (who, according to Bailey is an important member of the Master's Lodge) stated the following:

« The teaching (hitherto given out on reincarnation) has done more harm than good. Only one factor remains of value: the existence of a Law of Rebirth is now discussed by many and accepted by thousands.

Beyond the fact that there is such a law, we know little and those who know from experience the factual nature of this return reject earnestly the foolish and improbable details, given out as fact by the theosophical and occult bodies. The Law exists; of the details of its working we know as yet nothing. »
(Chapter five - The teachings of the Christ, p.117-118)

However, when we study the real Theosophy, one realizes that this statement made by Alice Bailey (supposedly sent by the Tibetan) is completely false because in reality the Transhimalayan Masters know a lot about this subject.

And the proof is that I have already written more than sixty articles about reincarnation and what happens after death, based on the explanations given by these masters and their true disciples.

(And shortly I will translate these articles to put them here in this blog.)


Once again Alice Bailey says things about the Masters that the facts show that these statements are false.


Note: I must emphasize that Franz Hartmann was not at all a naive man who was easy to coax, but instead he was a cautious and experienced esotericist, but also he was a very reputable doctor, graduated from the University of Munich and his medical services were much sought after in all the places he traveled.

Nevertheless, he also experienced several fantastic healing methods that greatly impressed him:


« When a child I was vaccinated and the consequence was such that I would by far have preferred to have the smallpox ten times. My blood was thus poisoned, and for thirty years I suffered from an eczema which rendered life almost intolerable to me.

In vain I consulted the best known physicians and specialists in Europe and America. I recklessly swallowed all kinds of medicines which they prescribed, and submitted to all sorts of treatment, hoping thereby rather that this would put an end to my life, than to find any relief.

The matter grew finally so bad that it was impossible for me to get an hour’s sleep without taking first large doses of chloral and then inhaling the vapors of chloroform.

It was after the middle of December, 1875, when I was at F. (Texas) in this condition and thinking of suicide. By accident I heard of a Dr. Newton of New Orleans, who performed wonderful cures by treating patients at a distance without giving medicine. I wrote to him, but days passed without my receiving an answer and I thought no more of it.

On the first day of January, 1876, I was called to a farm some forty miles from F. to perform a surgical operation. After a sharp ride on horseback I arrived in the evening, and after attending to the patient made up my mind to stay at that farm over night, as it was already too late to return.

After supper I sat on the porch, thinking of the sleepless night that would now be in store for me; when suddenly I received something like an electric shock which thrilled through my body. I immediately thought of Dr. Newton. I looked at my watch. It was 8.20 p.m.

That night was the first one in many years that I slept soundly, and I have been perfectly well ever since. A few days after this occurrence, I received a letter from Dr. Newton from San Francisco, he having in the meantime moved to that place. In this letter he said:

-      “I send you at this moment an electric shock, which will cure you. No further treatment is necessary.”

The letter was dated at a time corresponding exactly with 8.20 p.m. when the difference of time between Texas and California is taken into consideration.

I believe that in this case not merely mental, but spiritual (“magical”) vibrations were acting and that a person being in conscious possession of such a spiritual power might cure himself and others by an effort of will, but I am also certain that persons possessing such a power are very few and that all those who in their advertisements claim to cure for a certain amount of money people at a distance have no such powers at all, but that if perchance a cure follows such an imaginary treatment, it is merely due to the auto-suggestion of the patient himself and his faith in the doctor.

This, however, was not the case with me, as I thought no further of Dr. Newton and had no faith in getting cured at all»
(Occult Review, March 1907, vol. 5, p.138-140)


« In the year 1888, I was at W. (N.Y.), having received an invitation from Mrs. H. to visit the headquarters of “Christian science” and mental cure, which was established there and to study their methods.

Among the “healers” were two young ladies with whom I soon became acquainted. I stated to them my belief that their cures by mental action were due merely to the faith of the patient; for even the Bible states that when Jesus performed a cure. He never said, “I cured thee,” but “Thy faith made thee whole.”

To this those ladies objected and said that they often cured people without the patient knowing that he was treated, and as I was suffering from an aching tooth on that day, I thought I would try the experiment and told them of it, saying that if they would treat me for it they should do so later without telling me about it, and that I did not believe in it anyhow.

Soon after that conversation I went with Miss R. to a lecture, while Miss W. went away. Now it is essential for my purpose to describe the appearance of Miss W. She was a very pretty girl, slender and small with dark hair and ringlets. She was dressed in white and had a red sash around her waist.

I thought no more of her but listened attentively to the lecture, while Miss R. was sitting next to me.

Suddenly a strange feeling came over me. I saw myself as being Miss W. I was a young, slender and delicate girl with black hair and ringlets, in a white dress and with a red sash around my waist. And not only did I see myself in that way, but I also had the feelings, which such a pretty young lady would probably have; for I thought of my appearance and whether my hair were in good order and whether I would be likely to be admired, etc.

I must say that looking at myself with my physical eyes, I saw that I had not changed, and in my innermost consciousness I also knew who I was; but Miss W. had, so to say, taken possession of my astral self; astrally I was Miss W. My toothache was gone.

After the lecture Miss W. appeared and told me that during the lecture she had been in her room and concentrated her thought upon me, and I may add that perhaps in consequence of this intense amalgamation Miss W. and myself became very great friends.

An explanation of this case seems to me unnecessary; it only goes to show that the physical body is only the house in which the mind, constituting the inner man, resides, and that if the inner man is drawn out of it by something which attracts his outward attention, his place may be occupied by the spirit of another person and perhaps even by the ghosts of the dead.

It seems to me that for the purpose of investigating the mysteries of the inner life, we ought to seek the solution of such riddles rather within our own inner life than in speculating about external phenomena, and this was also the opinion of Miss W., for she wrote in my notebook the following verses:

Why idly seek for outward things?
The answer inner silence brings.
Thus to the mind disturbed by naught
The uttermost of truth is taught.
(Occult Review, March 1907, vol. 5, p.140-141)


« I have chosen the word “miraculous” because this term, being derived from “mirare,” does not signify to my mind anything supernatural or contrary to the laws of nature, but merely something to be "admired” or wondered at, because it is out of the common line of experience; and all surprising effects, of which we do not know the causes, may therefore in a certain sense be called “miraculous” or admirable.

Among my experiences in regard to occult phenomena, none have been more surprising and incomprehensible to me than certain cures which have been performed (not by my own volition) but apparently by some unknown power acting through my organism.

I do not claim any occult powers; but having observed in India that scorpion bites are cured by employing magical signs, I tried for fun the same method for the cure of certain ailments, such as toothache, ischias, local inflammations, etc., and I found to my surprise that the relief was often instantaneous and permanent.

In this way I gained, without desiring it, a reputation for being able to perform miraculous cures, and my aid was asked even in serious cases, of which I may mention the following:

Fist case

One day, while I was staying at R. on one of the Italian lakes, a friend of mine, Baron B., living at a neighboring village, distant one hour’s walk, came to see me and asked me to visit his sister-in-law to find out what was the matter with her.

He said that she had been ill for several days, that all the doctors of the neighborhood had met and held a consultation and that they declared the case to be past help.

I went to village and found the lady in an unconscious state, apparently at the point of death.

Of course I could do nothing; but merely for the sake of satisfying those present, I made the sign of the Pentagon with the point of my finger over her neck, saying that if it would do no good, it would do no harm.

I went home in the afternoon and had no doubt that the lady would die. I thought of her the following night, and on the next morning I expected every moment to receive the notice of her death. No such notice came and growing impatient to know whether she was still living, I walked to village at 10 a.m.

Turning around the comer I expected to find crape at the door, according to the custom; but there was none. The house door was open; I went upstairs and knocked. Somebody called in a loud voice:

"Come in!"

I entered, and there stood the lady perfectly well and dressed, trying on a hat before the mirror. On that afternoon she walked on foot to R. in my company.

This could not have been a case of hypnotism or suggestion, because the patient was unconscious when I saw her; it was no “magnetism,” because I exerted no will; it was no faith-cure, for I had no faith in it myself.

Second case

Mr. K.P. came to me all the way from Sweden to Italy, for the purpose, as he said, of putting himself for two months under my treatment for the cure of some spinal affection from which he had suffered for years, and by which he was rendered powerless to bend his back.

I told him that I had abandoned practicing medicine long ago, and that I could do nothing for him; but out of curiosity I consented to examine his spine, to see what was the matter with it.

I did so and found an irritated spot over which it then struck me to make the sign of the Pentagon. Immediately the patient arose and, all the pain having left, he bent his back in every direction, declaring himself perfectly well.

Instead of remaining two months, he went next morning on his return journey to Sweden.

This was some even years ago, and Mr. K.P. appears to be still in good health.

Thirst case

Four years ago I came to H. on a lecturing tour, and not seeing my friend Mr. W., I inquired where he was.

I was then told that he was dying at a hospital and not expected to survive the following night. A surgical operation had been made on his thigh-bone and now it was impossible to stop the bleeding, as he was of that peculiar constitution which physicians call "a bleeder."

If they had known it before, they would not have operated.  Next morning his wife came to see me, telling me that Mr. W. was still alive and she begged me to go with her to see him.

I went with her to the hospital, but the physician in charge refused to admit us, saying that it would be useless to see the patient, as he would surely die within an hour or two, and that a visit would only cause an excitement, which would be injurious to him.

Nevertheless his wife insisted and the nun in charge of the patient admitted us after the doctor had left. I found Mr. W., pale as a sheet, with blood still oozing through the bandages on his leg. He thanked me for coming to see him, expressed himself prepared to die and said that he knew there was no hope of recovery.

I told him that I would try some "hocus pocus" with his leg, adding that he need not believe in it, that I did not believe in it myself, but that it could do no harm.

I then made the sign of the Pentagon over the bandages. The bleeding stopped immediately, and in less than a week’s time Mr. W. left the hospital to the great surprise of the physicians.

Fourth case

One day, while driving through a narrow lane with the Princess R., the overhanging branch of a tree caught at the lantern of the carriage and on becoming free, struck the Princess over the face, producing a scarlet streak and swelling.

I passed my hand over it, making a certain sign, when immediately the streak disappeared and all pain left.

~ * ~

I might continue the list of such cases, but the above will be sufficient to show that the application of certain magical signs appears to have an efficacy.

I may however add that the performance of these cures does not depend upon my own will and pleasure; it only succeeds when I feel an interior impulse to try these as a cure, and unless this impulse arises I never attempt it.

My explanation is, that there exists within my organism some power by which an impression may be made upon the astral body of a patient and through that upon his physical form; but whether there is an intelligence from which the impulse comes, or whether this intelligence belongs to my inner self, I am not able to tell.

I am, however, quite sure that such treatments can only be made gratuitously, and that if the power were employed with any selfish motive, it would soon be lost»
(Occult Review, June 1907, vol. 5, p.331-333)


Personally, I think these stories must be true because my research has shown me that Franz Hartmann was a serious man, so I see it very unlikely that he would invent those anecdotes just to attract attention.

Unfortunately, Franz Hartmann did not explain much on the magic signs used in India to cure scorpion stings, since he only mentioned that with his finger he traced the sign of the Pentagon on the patient. And I imagine that this method will work in a similar way to the signs of Reiki.


Why, sometimes, these amazing techniques work and sometimes not?

It is difficult to answer because there are many factors involved, but mainly I suspect it is a question of karma.

And that is why I recommend you a lot if you suffer from some disease; and obviously apart from investigating how to solve using the techniques that are available to you, including those offered by science, but also considering those offered by alternative medicines, and being very careful not to be duped by charlatans; but you must also work to generate positive karma.

Because if that problem you have is due to some negative karma (product of wrong actions that you made in this life or in the previous ones), nothing will solve it than to assume that bad karma so that it is consumed and disappearing. But you, by also generating positive karma, you will accelerate the elimination of this negative karma.

And if that problem is not due to negative karma, it is still good to generate positive karma because you are pushing more and more the divine beings so that they help you to solve your problem.

But it is also very important that you know that karma (and also faith) sometimes are not enough to achieve the miracle, and the reason for it, Master Pasteur explained it in this other article:

OBSESSION AND POSSESSION explained by Franz Hartmann

The literature of the mediaeval age is full of accounts of cases of obsession and permanent possession by demons, evil spirits and other entities, and such cases are by no means rare in our modem times.

In fact, there are many obsessed people to be found in our lunatic asylums, even if they are not recognized as such by modem academical science, which rejects the belief in the existence of invisible intelligent entities; but every one who is under the dominion of a fixed idea over which he has lost his power to control it, may be said to represent a case of possession, for he is himself possessed by the products of his thought; he has himself by his own imagination created the object which has gained dominion over him and, as there is no such thing as a creation out of nothing, he has himself attracted the elements for building that object, be it consciously or unconsciously, from the invisible world.

Every case of “hypnotism” is a case of obsession, and as there are people living who can by the power of their will hypnotize and obsess others, so there are also invisible entities who may do the same, be it consciously or by means of unconscious instinctive attraction.

Really everybody who is influenced by the will or thought, belief, opinion or doctrine of some one else, is to that extent obsessed by it, and whether it is a temporary obsession or becomes a permanent possession is a mere matter of degree. However, only such cases are now called “obsession” in which the personality seems to have become changed into another person, or when several personalities seem to exist in one individual.

Modem books on psychology speak about a “splitting of consciousness,” but it is not explained why and how such a division occurs.

Many cases of obsession have come to my personal knowledge, of which the following are some examples:


In April, 1907, my friend, Mr. A.G. in Dresden, committed suicide by drowning.  He was a virtuous and intelligent man, occupying himself a great deal with reading philosophical and metaphysical literature. By some means he took it into his head that he was persecuted by the Masonic fraternity and his fear caused the unconscious action of his mind to create phantoms, which soon became manifested as (to him) audible voices.

Hence forth he was continually molested and annoyed by hearing insulting and offensive remarks about his person which apparently came from persons in his surroundings.

He was sent to an insane asylum, where he remained for several months, but could not be cured and, being driven to despair, he put an end to his life.

Now as far as I am aware of it, official medical science gives no reasonable explanations about such cases, although it endows them with the high-sounding name of “hallucination of hearing”; occult science teaches that the mind of man is the creator of thought forms and that these forms are substantial, even if they are only subjective and invisible, and that fear is a great agent in the production of such imaginary but nevertheless actually existing forms.

These forms receive their life and substance from the person who created them and constitute his false Egos, which, when they are allowed to grow strong enough, overpower his reason and judgment, and the best cure of this condition is the awakening of the true self-consciousness, by means of which one realizes the presence of that higher Self in whose light all the creations of ignorance disappear like mists in the light of the rising sun.

(Observation: the harassment made by these invisible voices may be due to the fact that the person created them as Franz Hartmann points out, but most often that is because a harmful entity has stuck to the aura of the person and since then this entity has been harassing the person. But the harassment can be also caused by the own person's psychic disorders that cause him schizophrenia. So, as you can see there are different possibilities and therefore it is necessary to do all a research work before make a diagnostic.)


Mademoiselle L., a young French lady visiting Florence, was apparently obsessed by what seemed to be the spirit of an actor who had recently died and who before his death was deeply enamored of the celebrated actress, Sarah Bernhardt.

The young lady herself knew nothing of Sarah Bernhardt, she had never seen her and cared nothing for her, she even was greatly annoyed by the extravagant expression of admiration which the actor who had taken possession of her body made regarding the object of his love, and what seems most curious is the fact that this obsessing spirit did not seem to understand that he was inhabiting the body of another person, but imagined himself to be still alive and in his own physical form.

He gave his name and the address of the place where he lived and where he still imagined himself to live and his statements were found to be correct upon investigation. At last, after a great deal of persuasion and argumentation, he began to realize his situation and wept bitterly, but was finally comforted by the instruction which he received from the friends of the lady and left her organism, to return no more.

The presumable explanation for such cases is that the soul of a person who, during his life has not yet arrived at true self-consciousness of his own higher nature, leads a sort of a dream life when he enters the astral plane and blindly follows the law of instinctive attraction.

Some of the elements in the mind of that lady may have corresponded to elements existing in the mental sphere of that actor and, as like attracts like if there is no resistance, the obsession took place.


Cases of demoniacal obsession have occurred at all times and among all nations and are occurring at present. Many atrocious crimes are taking place under the influence of such obsession and the criminal is their victim. He may then be regarded as a diseased person, whose misfortune is that he has at such a moment lost his power of self-control.

An understanding of this law would probably change the present mode of legal treatment of criminals. Materialistic science knows nothing of such obsession and some of the would-be wise deny the possibility of such things; because the existence of demons and thought forms endowed with will and intelligence is beyond their grasp and cannot be tangibly demonstrated in the laboratory of the universities.

Metaphysical science teaches the existence of demoniacal powers and explains how a demon may grow in man. In a well-known letter of an adept written to Mr. Sinnett it is said:

« Every thought of man having attained a certain maturity attracts from the invisible world certain elements corresponding to its own nature; thus creating a being with a will and intelligence of its own and having an independent life for more or less time according to the intensity of the desire which called it into existence»

The seed of a tree, planted into suitable ground, attracts from its surroundings the necessary elements for growing into a corresponding tree and a thought germinating in the mind of a person ultimately produces a living thought form; while such thought forms are again attracted to other persons, in whose minds they find some element corresponding to their own nature.

Hate, fear, jealousy, envy, greed, etc., cause corresponding monsters to grow, and thus momentary obsession (as in some cases of epilepsy) or even permanent possession by “evil spirits” takes place and causes lasting insanity.

(Observation: here once again Franz Hartmann has right, because one can create one's own demons if one continuously nourishes negative thoughts, but usually the “demons” who manipulate people to commit crimes are evil disembodied men who seek to satisfy their perversities through persons who live on Earth.)

The fact that everybody peoples his own subjective world by the products of his own imagination may be known to every one who examines his own mental condition; but these products are visible to those who are endowed with astral sight and therefore also perceptible to animals, as the following case goes to show:

Professor S., well known as a vivisectionist, who had to leave Florence owing to the indignation of the people on account of his atrocious cruelties towards the animals which he tortured, was also hated and feared by all the dogs.

Even the gentlest dogs grew excited at his approach; they barked at him furiously and snapped at him and had to be removed when he entered a room. It seems that his cruelty attracted corresponding influences from the astral plane, and for all we know the astral images of the murdered animals took perceptible forms in his mental sphere.

It is furthermore stated that this Professor S. in his later years was subject to hallucinations; that he was tortured by visions of his mutilated victims and hearing their pitiful cries.

That thought forms may become very permanent is shown by the fact that murderers are sometimes driven to despair and suicide by seeing the shape of the murdered person in their own mental sphere.

It is also said that Lord Lytton in old age saw the shapes of the heroes of his novels, which were the products of his own fancy, and that they were to him living realities.

Such things may be called “obsessions”; but they are harm less in comparison with demoniacal obsessions; these having quite a different origin. Cases of this kind are caused by entities inhabiting the astral world, whose orders may be as varied as the combinations which may be invented by the imagination of man, representing all possible instances of passions and mental qualities together with their external expression in corresponding semi-animal forms.

Hysterical or sensitive persons without much self control may apparently be obsessed by the “spirits” of animals, dogs, cats, etc., and imitate their actions, barking, howling, mewing and even undertaking gymnastic feats (climbing of walls), etc., of which they are incapable in their normal condition.

Moreover, such usual obsessions may show human intelligence, making use of the organs of speech of the obsessed person.

In Japan, China, Korea and other countries in the East, such a .demon is known by the name of “the Fox” (in Japan “Kitsune”) and its obsessions are exceedingly frequent. Professor E. v. Baelz, who lived in Tokyo, gives a description of such a case in the Vienna Medical Weekly, of which the following is an extract:

« The patient was for four weeks treated at the university hospital at Tokyo. She was a strong peasant woman of forty-seven years of age, of a wealthy family.  Eight years before she entered the hospital she was told that such a demon had been cast out from a certain person and that he was seeking another habitation. (Compare Matthew 8:31)

It seems that her fear was excited and that this made her open for the obsession.

At first the “fox took possession of her chest and rising upwards to the head it began to talk through her, to criticize her own thoughts, ridicule her ideas, use obscene, abusive and blasphemous language and mix itself into her conversation with others, turning her life into an actual hell.  In vain she applied for help to priests, missionaries and exorcisers, spending nearly all her means on such experiments.”

One of these spells is described as follows:

While she was telling us the history of her case, she began to beat her left breast with her fist; exclaiming:

-      “Oh, sir! Now he begins to move again in my breast.”

Then suddenly a strange voice began to speak through her mouth, saying:

-      “Yes, I am here, you stupid goose, and do not think that you can prevent it. I know as much as these doctors.”

In a short time the obsession became complete and it was then only the demon who spoke through her. After ten minutes the talk of the fox became less coherent and the woman was able to reproach the intruder and to beg him to leave.

Such attacks took place six or ten times a day and even oftener. The demon in his conversations showed an intelligence and wit superior to that of the patient.
Whether she was ever cured is not known»

To give a reasonable explanation of such occurrences is only possible if we admit the existence of intelligent entities, demons or devils, inhabiting the invisible world, which however is visible enough for those who have the power to see it, and the only rational cure for it is that these spiritual influences are to be driven out by a superior spiritual power and the organism of the patient made strong enough to resist them.

If the obsessed person cannot attain himself the intellectual and spiritual strength to cure himself, a cure may be effected by the spiritual will of another; but persons having that superior power are at the present day very rare and therefore in our insane asylums and prisons for criminals many such incurable cases may be found.

This state will continue until the practice of medicine is not based merely upon external research and intellectual speculation, but becomes a divine art, and the most necessary prerequisite of the true physician of the future will be — not sanctimoniousness — but sanctity; spiritualization and the knowledge of the occult powers hidden in the constitution of man.

(Occult Review, August 1907, vol. 6, p.101-106)

(For those who consider that this last advice given by Franz Hartmann are pure "empty words," you must know that he was also a very prestigious doctor graduated from the Munich University and he was very sought in all parts of the world where he traveled, thus he is not only talking as an esotericist but also as a physician.)



In another article, Franz Hartmann again mentioned this subject and what he wrote about it was the following:

Numerous cases of demoniacal obsession and possession have come to my personal knowledge and our insane asylums are full of them. I should, therefore, not be at a loss to cite cases that have come under my personal observation, but I prefer to mention one which has been stated to me by a friend. I chose this case on account of its remarkable peculiarity.

The Marchese N. was an Italian nobleman of means living in Paris. He was a very sober and quiet gentleman, leading a retired life and occupying himself with reading books on mysticism, and it is also said that he indulged in certain occult practices, such as staring into a magic mirror and hypnotizing himself for the purpose of producing an “exteriorization” of his astral body and developing clairvoyance.

This gentleman went to bed one evening in apparently perfect health and woke up a raving maniac during the night.  He broke the furniture and made such a noise in the hotel where he lived as to disturb all the inhabitants.

He had to be held down by force until the doctors came who put him into a strait-jacket and carried him to a hospital. Upon the advice of his relatives he was taken back to Italy and put into an insane asylum, where he occupied a cell and at intervals continued to rave.

This state continued for several months, when the Marchese became suddenly reasonable again. He ate and spoke and acted like any other sane person, and no trace of insanity was noticeable about him any more. Therefore, after a few weeks of observation he was permitted to return to Paris, where he resumed his previous way of living.

Now the remarkable thing in this matter is that after he had left the asylum his ghost was seen by many in the cell which he had occupied, and one of his friends while on a visit to Paris told him about this circumstance.

Thereupon Mr. N. became very curious to see himself his own ghost. Against the advice of others he went to Naples, visited the asylum, entered the cell and was at the next moment a raving maniac again and remained so until he died.

~ * ~

The presumable explanation of this case is, that this person, owing to a want of self-possession and self-control, has created an “elemental being” within himself, constituting a second personality, a creation of his mind.

Such “elementals” are the usual products of some suppressed desire and grow by attracting corresponding elements from the surrounding astral, mental and spiritual atmosphere.

Everything in the world, be it visible or invisible, is the ultimate product of desire and imagination. A person may be obsessed by his own thought or idea if he allows it to grow.  Ideas are germs within the mind, comparable to seeds in the soil, which grow by attracting to themselves from the ground elements corresponding to their own nature.

All forms are representations of corresponding ideas; they are, so to say, materialized spirits. If there were no spirit of humanity in the world, there would be no men and women as its representations. If that spirit or “class-soul” of which a horse or dog are representatives were not in existence, there would be neither horses and dogs.

So it is with everything, demons included. A devilish idea in the mind of man attracts to itself demoniacal influences for its own growth, and the more it is hidden and suppressed, the more will it grow, for every power grows by resistance.

Thus it may grow at the expense of the vitality of its owner, until it becomes for the time being an apparently self-existing entity, capable of becoming objective and of manifesting itself in a form separate from its creator, as is shown by numerous instances known in the history of spiritualism and in the history of the lives of the saints. The account given above is an illustration of such possibilities.

(Occult Review, March 1907, vol. 5, p.141-142)