Many people use different esoteric techniques (ceremonial magic, or creative visualization, or intentional decree, or other techniques) to make a person fall in love with them, or to make a person leave his partner to marry them, etc.

And many religious believers also light a candle to a saint or God Himself to ask them to do the kind of petition I have just mentioned (and these believers, although they ignore it, they are performing a magical ritual, but under the decoration of their religion).

And if it is something understandable to want have a partner. It is not at all convenient to use these methods to manipulate the will of another person because the result will not please you.

And that is why Master Pasteur told to a woman the following:

« Do you remember all those candles that you burned begging God that this man you loved so much leave his wife to marry you?

Well, I inform you that your supplication will finally be fulfilled.

And I know what you are going to answer me:

-       "But it is a bit late because I wanted to marry with that man when I was twenty years old and not now that I'm eighty years old!"

(Audience laughter)

I know, however, it is only now that your request will be accomplished and it is now, at the age of eighty years, when that lover you wanted so much will reappear in your life to ask you marry him.

But this request, he will make you not only by love but also to find someone to support him because he spent most of his time having fun with his different lovers (because you were not the only mistress he had) and he didn’t work much time and now he does not have enough pension to cover his needs.

(The woman is confused to discover that.)

Then you will indeed have that man for whom you burned so many candles and for whom you many times begged to God, but unfortunately he will not be the man you imagined, he will be the real Gerard. That there is no lie, the man who will come to you at eighty is the same man you met at twenty. But it is not the man you imagined in your dreams and for which you prayed so much to obtain him.

And surely you are going to ask me:

« But here is something that I do not understand, since if we are the creators of our life through our desires and thoughts, and if I imagined a fantastic man, hardworking, handsome, young, very loving and faithful. So, why did not that perfect man that I imagined so much come to me? »

And I understand what you want to tell me, but you must know that there is a peculiarity in the law of creation:

Even if you dream about an ideal man, and even if all your desires were dreamed, these dreams were still hooked on that man you had as a lover, and that made your desires funnel towards that man you knew and not to the ideal man you so much wanted.

To give you an analogy, the management of the energy that you carried out through your prayers and your candles, it is similar to the formation of a pearl, where the nacre was hooked around a small grain of sand.

And in the same way, here, all your desires gravitated around a man who really existed, although you did not see the defects that this man had.

And therefore is the grain of sand that will come to you, and is not the idealized man that you dreamed, because it is around this unfaithful, lying, manipulative and lazy man on whom you made your desires gravitate.

And in the same way everything that humans think with ardor, everything that humans imagine with passion, everything that awakens within you a great intensity, all of this thinks will work in according to the norms of the law of creation. »

(Conference 6.06.93)


So if you want that your desire does not risk getting frustrated, what you need to do is NOT associate your desire with someone in particular, but simply imagine the qualities you want from your partner, or still better, do not specify anything but simply want to live a beautiful love story.

And from there, perform some esoteric technique like creative visualization, or positive decree, and even you can perform a ritual to ask the Divinity to help you to realize your dream. But do not make this mistake of specifying someone in particular.

And do not commit these two other mistakes either:

The second mistake is to hurt people to obtain your desire because that will produce you a negative karma that will come back to you in a harmful way, for example: finding your ideal partner, but he/she will be already married, or this partner dies, or this partner does not love you, or your desire is fulfilled at 80 years old, etc.

Then be very careful do not harm the others physically, emotionally or psychologically (at least not intentionally).

And the third mistake is that you don't have to devote too much of your energies, for example: beg day and night to God, or visualize all the time, or perform rituals at every moment.

Request and work for your wish, but especially help others because it will generate positive karma, which will help you to increase the chances that your desire will be realized.

And attention!

I am not saying that you cannot desire someone in particular, but in that case DO NOT use the energetic techniques that are magic, visualization, decree, etc. But use the traditional techniques such as flirt and seduction.

Because, as Master Pasteur explained: if you maneuver the energy to a particular person, and if you also attribute qualities to that person that she doesn't really have, and if you also do inconvenient things to get that person (such as doing rituals for that person leave his partner). So all this will only complicate the chances that your desire can be realized in a constructive way.

On the other hand, if you don't focus on anyone in particular and generate positive karma, that increases the chances that your desire will be realized in the way you want and even more that you have expected.

~ * ~

And a movie that would help me to illustrate what I just have told you, is the film:


Where if you remember, it is only when the protagonist stopped wanting to get at all costs the woman he desire so much and he began to do good things, it is only at that moment when love came to him in a natural way .

And although here you are not making a pact with the devil, you are making a pact with the creative energies of the universe, and therefore you must know how to work with them if you want your effort become beneficial.


When journalist Alfred Sinnett asked to Master Kuthumi about Atlantis, that is what the Master answered him:

« In the early part of the Eocene Age! Forsooth, your scientific writers bestride their hypothesis most fearlessly, I see. It will really be pity to find their fiery steed kicking and breaking their heads some day; something that is unavoidably in store for them. In the Eocene Age — even in its "very first part," the great cycle of the fourth Race men, the Atlanteans — had already reached its highest point, and the great continent, the father of nearly all the present continents — showed the first symptoms of sinking — a process that occupied it down to 11,446 years ago, when its last island, that, translating its vernacular name, we may call with propriety Poseidonis — went down with a crash.

By the bye, whoever wrote the Review of Donnelly's Atlantis* is right: Lemuria can no more be confounded with the Atlantic Continent than Europe with America. Both sunk and were drowned with their high civilizations and "gods," yet between the two catastrophes, a short period of about 700,000 years elapsed.

Lemuria flourishing and ending her career just at about that trifling lapse of time before the early part of the Eocene Age, since its race was the third. Behold, the relics of that once great nation in some of the flat-headed aborigines of your Australia!

No less right is the review in rejecting the kind attempt of the author to people India and Egypt with the refuse of Atlantis.

[ * Original title: “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World” (1882) and the review is in the Theosophist magazine, Vol. III, N°9, june 1882, p.237]

_ _ _

No doubt your geologists are very learned; but why not bear in mind that, under the continents explored and fathomed by them, in the bowels of which they have found the "Eocene Age" and forced it to deliver them its secrets, there may be, hidden deep in the fathomless, or rather unfathomed ocean beds, other, and far older continents whose stratums have never been geologically explored; and that they may some day upset entirely their present theories, thus illustrating the simplicity and sublimity of truth as connected with inductive "generalization" in opposition to their visionary conjectures.

Why not admit — true no one of them has ever thought of it — that our present continents, have — like "Lemuria" and "Atlantis" — been several times already, submerged and had the time to reappear again, and bear their new groups of mankind and civilization; and that, at the first great geological upheaval, at the next cataclysm — in the series of periodical cataclysms that occur from the beginning to the end of every Round, — our already autopsized continents will go down, and the Lemurias and Atlantises — come up again.

Think of the future geologists of the sixth and seventh races. Imagine them digging deep in the bowels of what was Ceylon and Simla, and finding implements of the Veddahs, or of the remote ancestor of the civilized Pahari — every object of the civilized portions of humanity that inhabited those regions having been pulverized to dust by the great masses of travelling glaciers, — during the next glacial period — imagine him finding only such rude implements as now found among those savage tribes; and forthwith declaring that during that period primitive man climbed and slept on the trees, and sucked the marrow out of animal bones after breaking them — as civilized Europeans no less than the Veddahs will often do — hence jumping to the conclusion that in the year 1882 a.d. mankind was composed of "man-like animals," black-faced, and whiskered, "with prominent prognathous and large pointed canine teeth."

True, a Grant Allen of the sixth race, may be not so far from fact and truth in his conjecture that during the "Simla period" — these teeth were used in the combats of the males for "grass widows" — but then metaphors has very little to do with anthropology and geology. Such is your Science.

_ _ _

To return to your questions. Of course the 4th race had its periods of the highest civilization. Greek and Roman and even Egyptian civilization are nothing compared to the civilizations that began with the 3rd Race. Those of the second were not savages but they could not be called civilized.

We affirm that a series of civilizations existed before, as well as after the Glacial Period, that they existed upon various points of the Globe, reached the apex of glory and — died. Every trace and memory had been lost of the Assyrian and Phoenician civilizations until discoveries began to be made a few years ago. And now they open a new, though not by far one of the earliest pages in the history of mankind. And yet how far back do those civilizations go in comparison with the oldest? — and even them, history is shy to accept.

Archeo-geology has sufficiently demonstrated that the memory of man runs back vastly further than history has been willing to accept, and the sacred records of once mighty nations preserved by their heirs are still more worthy of trust. We speak of civilizations of the ante-glacial period; and (not only in the minds of the vulgar and the profane but even in the opinion of the highly learned geologist) the claim sounds preposterous. But future discoveries that will be doing will give us the reason.

_ _ _

The sinking of Atlantis (the group of continents and isles) begun during the Miocene period — as certain of your continents are now observed to be gradually sinking — and it culminated — first, in the final disappearance of the largest continent an event coincident with the elevation of the Alps; and second with that of the last of the fair islands mentioned by Plato.

The Egyptian priests of Sais told his ancestor Solon, that Atlantis (i.e. the only remaining large island) had perished 9,000 years before their time. This was not a fancy date, since they had for millenniums preserved most carefully their records. But then, as I say, they spoke but of the "Poseidonis" and would not reveal even to the great Greek legislator their secret chronology.

As there are no geological reasons for doubting, but on the contrary, a mass of evidence for accepting the tradition, Science has finally accepted the existence of the great continent and Archipelago and thus vindicated the truth of one more "fable." It now teaches, as you know that Atlantis, or the remnants of it lingered down to post-tertiary times, its final submergence occurring within the Paleozoic ages of American history! Well, truth and fact ought to feel thankful even for such small favors in the previous absence of any, for so many centuries. The deep sea explorations — especially those of the Challenger have fully confirmed the reports of geology and paleontology.

The great event — the triumph of our "Sons of the Fire Mist" the inhabitants of Shamballa (when yet an island in the Central Asian Sea) over the selfish if not entirely wicked magicians of Poseidonis occurred just 11,446 ago. Read in this connection the incomplete and partially veiled tradition, in “Isis Unveiled,” Vol. I, p. 588-94, and some things may become still plainer to you. The corroboration of tradition and history, brought forward by Donnelly I find in the main correct; but you will find all this and much more in Isis.

_ _ _

Morya thinks that for your purposes I better give you a few more details upon Atlantis since it is greatly connected with evil if not with its origin. In the forthcoming Theosophist you will find a note or two appended to Hume's translation of Eliphas Levi's Preface in connection with the lost continent.

And now, since I am determined to make of the present answers a volume — bear your cross with Christian fortitude and then, perhaps, after reading the whole you will ask for no more for some time to come. But what can I add to that already told?

I am unable to give you purely scientific information since we can never agree entirely with Western conclusions; and that ours will be rejected as "unscientific."

Yet both geology and paleontology bear witness to much we have to say. Of course your Science is right in many of her generalities, but her premises are wrong, or at any rate — very faulty. For instance she is right in saying that while the new America was forming the ancient Atlantis was sinking and gradually washing away; but she is neither right in her given epochs nor in the calculations of the duration of that sinking.

The latter — is the future fate of your British Islands the first on the list of victims that have to be destroyed by fire (submarine volcanos) and water, France and other lands will follow suit. When they reappear again, the last seventh Sub-race of the sixth Root race of present mankind will be flourishing on "Lemuria" and "Atlantis" both of which will have reappeared also (their reappearance following immediately the disappearance of the present isles and continents), and very few seas and great waters will be found then on our globe, waters as well as land appearing and disappearing and shifting periodically and each in turn. »

(Mahatma Letter 23B, p.151-156, extracts)


Master Kuthumi explained that the continents submerge and emerge cyclically. And this was previously accepted by science and that is why some scientists considered possible the existence of the continent of Atlantis as Master Kuthumi indicated in his response, but later the theory of continental drift and the theory of tectonic plates caused geologists change their opinion.

However, there are several aspects that do not fit all in these theories and you can read the discussion about that theme in this other article:

    -  Geology versus Theosophy  (after I will put it)

And Master Kuthumi points out that the sinking of the continents is a normal and gradual process. However, in the Secret Doctrine it is declared that there was a cataclysm that caused large portions of the Atlantic continent to flood abruptly and that is where the legends of the universal Deluge come from, which is narrated in almost all the traditions of ancient peoples.

And later when practically the entire continent of Atlantis had submerged and only a small archipelago remained, there was a second catastrophe that caused the sudden collapse of Poseidonis Island, which was the largest island of that small remnant archipelago.

And that island became famous for the story that made the Greek philosopher Plato about it, and very probably that story was originally related by the Greek wise Solon, who received this information from the Egyptian priests of Sais.

And Kuthumi points out that the destruction of Poseidonis Island happened in the year 9564 B.C., and also in that year there was a battle between Adepts of Shamballa’s adepts and Poseidonis’ magicians.

And finally, you should know that the Theosophists put different dates for the geological ages (see link). (after I will put it)