About this subject Master Pasteur said the following:

« The Atlantean race had a stronger physical constitution than the current race because humans needed to support the sun's rays that at that time shone much more strongly on the surface of Earth, because the planet still did not have all the layers of atmosphere that has today. And that's also why humans needed to have darker skin.

Little to little the races in general were less dark and even some races turned white simply because the terrestrial atmosphere was having more and more layers of protection.

And this process of increasing the atmosphere will continue, which cause humanity in a very distant future will go more and more towards a total transparency.

That is what will happen in many millions of years.

The Earth’s atmosphere will become increasingly dense, and in the future the atmosphere will prevent most of the sun's rays from directly touching the surface of the planet.

And this densification of the atmosphere will continue to increase until a threshold is reached where the atmosphere will no longer be protective, but it will become destructive, as is the case of Venus, for example.

(The Venus’ atmosphere is so dense that it prevents the sun's rays from reaching its surface, and it also produces a pressure on its surface 90 times greater than the pressure that exists on Earth, that is the equivalent of being one kilometer under the ocean!!!

And to complicate things more, the atmosphere of Venus is composed of 95% carbon dioxide, which produces an extreme greenhouse effect that combined with the volcanic activity of the planet causes the temperature on Venus to be on average 860°F; while the lead melts at 620°F...)

But I assure you that before Earth begins that cycle of disappearance of physical life, humanity will no longer need to reincarnate on the physical plane because at that time humans will live completely on the etheric plane and the most advanced humans will live on the spiritual planes, which means that humanity will not suffer from that destruction.

And the other kingdoms of life, neither will suffer, since only a few animals will remain on the physical plane and maybe some plants that will be those that have not achieved a complete transformation, and consequently they have not been able to follow humanity in its new superior stage of existence.

(And in another conference, Pasteur mentioned that the Venusians are at a higher stage since most of them already live on the mental plane.)

And little by little the terrestrial atmosphere will become denser until finally it will cause that all the physical life on the planet will disappear. And since there will be no more physical life, nothing will remain to maintain the atmosphere, which will cause the atmosphere to dissolve in space, as is the case with Mercury. »

(Conference 6.06.93)


It is interesting to note that what Pasteur says corresponds to what Theosophy says, since the Theosophical teaching explains that the evolution of the planets takes place through seven rounds (see link).

Currently Earth is in the middle of its fourth round, while Venus is in its seventh round (hence its atmosphere is so think), and in the case of Mercury, although it is only going to start with its seventh round, the strong solar wind has already accelerated the process of losing its atmosphere.

And on the other hand, Mars is getting ready to start its fourth round, and curiously the Mars’ atmosphere is much dimmer than the Earth’s atmosphere (Mars’ atmospheric pressure is about 100 times smaller).

And science says that the Earth’s primitive atmosphere was very thin.

~ * ~

And all this makes me consider that in general the atmosphere of the planets has to begin being very fine and progressively it increases as the life that lives on them is developing. Until finally this densification of the atmosphere makes impossible the physical life on the planet, but at that times the kingdoms of life that habit on the planet will have sublimated and they will live on the higher planes of existence of the planet.

And finally, in the last stage of evolution of the planet, the atmosphere disappears and in the physical plane only remains the "skeleton" of the planet while all the life that was developed on its surface has been spiritualized.

And obviously this procedure concerns the rocky planets, while the gaseous planets are still a mystery to me (although we might speculate that a similar procedure may also occur in them).

And you must also keep in mind that the atmosphere can vary considerably during the period of rest between each round, when the life disappears temporarily from the planet.

And finally, Master Kuthumi pointed out that each rule has its many exceptions, so surely there must be many rare cases in the Universe that do not correspond to this general rule.


Sleep paralysis (when it is not due to physiological reasons which also exist and which also must be taken into account) is generally because at that moment the person has an astral unfolding but she does not know how to handle this situation.

And in those cases there are different reasons why sleep paralysis is generated, and now I will detail the main ones.


The most common paralysis is when you awake, but you cannot move your body.

And this is usually because you have just returned from an astral projection and it takes a short time for your consciousness to get back into your physical body, but before you finish with this process, you have already awoken, but as you are not yet well incorporated, that is why you cannot still direct your physical body.

And what you must do in that case is to reassure yourself and visualize that you are incorporating into your physical body, and usually this is enough to recover mobility soon.


Often people awake at the end of an astral travel, either when the astral body has already returned to the physical body, or when the astral body is returning at this moment to the physical body (as is the case I mentioned above).

But it is also possible that the person awakes before the astral journey begins, and therefore her astral body is still inside her physical body.

And it is important for you to know that most of the time you are not conscious when you are in an astral projection. And this is because you have not yet acquired enough development to be able to keep your consciousness awake and active in this subtle state of existence.

So, most of the time, people travel in the astral plane as if they had swallowed a lot of barbiturates and they are in a state of semi-unconsciousness where sometimes they become aware of the astral reality, but then they fall back into sleep, or they are dreaming, etc.

And there are times when they wake up (not physically, but astrally) and realize that they are inside their physical body but they cannot move it.

And usually these cases are due to the fact that at that moment you are astrally unfolded, but your astral body remains inside your physical body. But since you are already unfolding (that is, your consciousness is positioned into your astral body), then at that moment you cannot direct your physical body which remains dormant.

And what you must to do in these cases is the same process as before: reassure yourself and with visualization and intention, reincorporate yourself into your physical body. And it is important to be calm because if you become anxious, then you difficult the process of reincorporation into your physical body.


And another case that happens very often is when the person awakes and she realize that she is floating in her room but she cannot move.

And this case is similar to the previous one, but with the difference that the astral body was able to leave the physical body. But as the person does not know how to direct the astral body, it does not move.

Because you must know that the astral body does not move by means of "astral muscles," but it moves by means of the will. And if, for example, you want to go to the kitchen, then you must imagine (putting your intention in it) that you move towards the kitchen.

But as individuals who are in this situation generally they do not know that, they try to move the muscles of their body and that is the reason why they don’t move.

And there you have two options:

  • You profit to exercise to move with your astral body, but in this case you must visualize a circle of light around you that protects you, and also ask for help and protection from beings of light in order to diminish the possibilities that the noxious entities of the astral plane attack you.
  • Or if you prefer to return to your physical body, then visualize that you are re-entering into your physical body.


A less frequent case is when one harmful entity (or several harmful entities) from the astral plane keep you caught and prevent you from moving.

And this can happen when your astral body is inside your physical body, or when your astral body is outside your physical body.

And in those cases what you have to do is think intensely about God, or Jesus, or the Angels (the divine being with whom you feel closest) and ask him to come and save you, and at the same time recite a prayer to facilitate the connection with this divine being.

And usually with that it is enough for these negative entities to move away.

~ * ~

And these are the main cases of paralysis of the body during sleep when they are related to the astral body.


Master Pasteur elucidated the reasons for this mystery by saying the following:

Many miracles do not happen, because the miracles can only be realized when the intention is pure, total, absolute and true.

And you cannot try to imitate that intention by deploying efforts of concentration, or efforts of religious faith, because even if you manage to approach it, but into your intention there is some pride, selfishness, despotism, greed, etc. Then, no matter how much will you put it, that intention could not produce any miracle.

And that is why under these conditions miracles do not materialize. And you cannot do miracles with other people, and the other people cannot do miracles with you either, since for this double miracle can happen (the miracle of the one who gives it and the miracle of the one who receives it) it is necessary that both people are with the same absolute and perfect attitude.

That is to say there are honesty of the heart, transparency and openness.

These words do not seem to belong to a very advanced esotericism, do they?

And yet these attitudes are the key for miracles can be realized.

The famous words of power...

How often people harass us by requesting us the words of power!

After the list of all the personal desires that people generally want us to fulfill them, the second thing that they want more from us is to transmit to them the words of power. And they tire our ears in every meditation, in every full moon, in every equinox, in every solstice, with requests like the following:

« Dear Masters,

I, who am your devoted disciple and who loves you very much, I beg you to transmit to me the words of power. »

And since they do not hear anything, some ones add:

« At least give me the first syllable of one of them. »

(Audience laughter)

And we want to answer them:

« Stop with your delirium! »

And surely for some of you it will seem a bit rude to answer that, and it is true. But why should we be decent?  Who prevents us from acting like other men?  We hear so many silly things that we end up answering the truth!

Because I assure you that we do not answer that with the intention of being rude, but simply because that is the only valid answer, because the words of power do not really exist, or rather, they do not exist in the way you imagine them.

People think that words of power are like magic wands and once they get them, they can do whatever they want with them.

They say:

« I finally know the word of power, now I have the power in my mouth, and then I pronounce that word to activate that power and with my mind I direct that power so that this power accomplishes my will. »

But no!

It does not work by like this

It is a hallucination that you are creating in your imagination if you think that the words of power work like that!

The words of power are simply "a phone number you use to contact the Divine," and besides you do not even need to know them or to invoke them, because they come out of you when it is necessary, they do not even ask for your opinion.

Do you really want to know what a word of power is?

Do not worry, of course I can tell you, since it is not about giving a magic formula.

Well, a word power is a word that gives you access to what some people call the Holy Spirit, what others call the Shakti, what others call Fohat, what others call the Universal Energy, etc.

A word of power is simply an access to the Divine Consciousness, So, it's not something that you whistle as if you are calling a dog who comes and obey you.

Not at all

The Divine Consciousness is something that is immensely much more powerful and much wiser than you, and that directs the entire Universe.

And once you invoke at the Divine Consciousness, it is YOU who become its instrument and not the Divine Consciousness who becomes yours.

And to get that the Cosmic Consciousness work through you, you have to surrender completely to it, and then the Divine Consciousness settles into yourself, from your presence (which serves as if you were a periscope) the Cosmic Consciousness decides to perform the miracle, or not to do it.

And that is why Jesus said when he performed the miracles of healing the sick:

« It was not I who healed you, but it was your faith. »

Why did he say that?

It is disturbing to find this sentence in the Bible and come out of the mouth of a being very elevated as Jesus was. A being which seemed to be capable of performing miracles at will. A being that gave the sight to the blinds, a being that returned mobility to the paralytics, a being that restored the health to the lepers, etc.

It is disconcerting that Jesus said this phrase because it is almost a confession of impotence, since he assures that it was not he who performed those miracles but it was the faith of the people who were sick.

And indeed, faith, in those cases, was what allowed those sick people to have the authenticity and openness of spirit required so that the Divine Consciousness could enter them and thus perform the miracle.

And now surely some of you will object to me:

« But there are so many authentic people who during their agony manage to develop the true faith. And yet, the healing is not sent to them, the miracle is not realized.

How do you solve this mystery? »

And my answer is that there is nothing to solve because in reality there is no mystery in that matter.

Because if it is true that the Cosmic Consciousness is omnipresent and passes through you like the cosmic vibrations pass through the universe.

At the same time it is also true that the Cosmic Consciousness is also a MASTER, and sometimes it performs the miracle and other times it does not. And generally when it does not (even if the person shows a great faith) it is because the human did not understand what he had to understand.

Which means that faith, openness, is what allows the Cosmic Consciousness to be able to enter into you. But once the Cosmic Consciousness is inside, the second condition for to perform the miracle is that there has been a real evolution in the consciousness of this human.

Evolution that is carried out with the understanding of the existential reason for the problem that mortifies he. And if there is no this discernment, then the Divine Consciousness cannot operate and the miracle cannot be realized.

However, do not misunderstand that situation, because if the Divine Consciousness does not act, it is not because the Divine Consciousness is an insensitive judge who say:

« This human did not understand what he had to understand, so we let him suffer. »

As if the Divine Consciousness did not feel that suffering, did not care about human suffering, as if it had nothing to do with the pain of men.

But that is not!

Do not imagine these things because they are awful and they are false.

The Cosmic Consciousness knows very well what is the human suffer because it crosses you and it feels you, and it knows very well what you are suffering. However, the Cosmic Consciousness cannot go against you.

So is

When you cling to your own misunderstanding (and therefore to your own limit), you are the ones which are preventing the miracle from taking place, because you are granting a part of yourself to that limit, and in those conditions the Cosmic Consciousness cannot perform the miracle.

It is impossible!

And there surely some will tell me:

« But if the Cosmic Consciousness is so powerful, it could make an exception to the rules. »

But if you say that, it is because you think that the rules of the universe were developed by simple decision from God.

But it is not so!

Do not imagine the cosmic laws as if God had simply thought and conceived them, because if they were only divine thoughts, then the cosmic laws could be transformed and modified. And in these conditions, we could make sure that miracles were constantly possible on Earth.

But the cosmic laws have not been elaborated as men do their laws, because the cosmic laws in reality are resonances, one with the other, and one after the other.

Exactly like when you build a house where first you build the foundations, then you build the ground floor, then you build the first floor, then you build the second floor, and finally you build the roof.

And in the same way the laws of the universe are elaborated, where one comes after the other, and one is in resonance with the other, like the stages of construction of a building.

And if you want to build the second floor, but without having previously built the before stages, your second floor would not stay.

And in the same way the laws of the universe work, where one activates the next, because the first is the source, the impulse and the creative energy of the second. But if at a certain stage, there is an obstacle, then the momentum stops and there cannot be a miracle.

So, if you want to do miracles, first you have to clear the inside of the person (as faith sometimes does) to allow the circulation of the energies and have this chain reaction: an action which creates another, which corresponds to the other, which causes an effect, which causes another effect. And from effect to effect, you end up finding yourself miraculously repaired.

But this could only be done because you allowed the chain reaction of the laws that are in you. Because otherwise, if there is an obstacle that stops this process of chain reaction, the miracle cannot be realized, since the process is stopped halfway.

(Conference 05.28.94)


So we see that to increase the possibilities that the miracle is fulfilled, you must not only increase your faith (so that Divine Consciousness can enter into your interior), but you also have to understand the existential reason for what is happening to you (so that the Divine Consciousness can operate within you).

And how can these two things to be achieved?

(Surely many of you have to ask yourself.)

Well, focusing on getting them.

As Pasteur explained, faith has nothing to do with the religious fervor of the believer who thinks that the more he pleads and more God will pay attention to him.


Faith has to do with the intention being truly pure, total and absolute. Therefore observe yourself with honesty and if you feel that behind your request there is something of selfishness, of greed, of despotism, etc. So work on it to purify your intention.

And to develop the understanding is the same procedure.

Observe yourself and seek to understand why did that happen to you? What does life want to teach you with this experience?

And if you cannot perceive the answer, do not despair. Just close your eyes and declare in your interior:

« I really want to understand why this is happening to me. Please light beings help me to understand the reason for this situation. »

And if you act with sincerity, putting your will on it, and persevering, after a while the answer will come to you, either by a flash, or by a dream, or by an event, or by some other means, what is important is that you remain receptive and calm.

And other aspects that Pasteur did not mention here, but that I have seen they are also important in order to achieve miracles, are the following:

ONE. Many times we ourselves inside us do not want this miracle to materialize because we are afraid of the changes that it will involve, and that is why we unconsciously prefer to remain in the bad situation in which we are ourselves even if this bad situation hurts us.

AND TWO. Something that I have discovered that helps a lot for materialize miracles is to generate positive karma, because many times we have everything ready for the miracle take place, except for the fact that we have negative karma to pay for it.

And when you start to generate positive karma, you not only clean that negative karma, but you also create an increasing pressure for your request to be fulfilled.


This particular case was mentioned by Master Pasteur who said the following:

« For us it is a big concern with each new generation because we have to evaluate everything, and that is the reason why we spend much time asking ourselves:

Should we reveal or hide this information?

Will its diffusion produce happiness or, on the contrary will its produce misfortune?

Should we avoid access to this knowledge so that humans are not going to make a deviation from it and end up hurting them with it?

Do you think it is fun for us to have to continually weigh all things and have to hide information all the time?

Not at all

And besides, there are ingenious men with an enormous will who find ways to inquire into the mysteries of the planet and also to explore in the invisible planes through their subtle travels. And they find things, while we had been trying to keep those things hidden for the moment.

And when the matter explodes, we have to deal with it.

Then it is necessary to quickly create a squadron of Adepts so that they will monitor the impact of this new information that was diffused in society and try to direct beneficially the energies that have been activated due to this new information.

And it is true that sometimes this new discovery leads to great happiness, but often it produces many risks and sometimes even that leads to a big misfortune.

And that is the reason why sometimes we are even obliged to prevent a human from incarnating because he would deliver too many secrets that we do not want for this moment to be revealed.

And it is not pleasant for us and for this human to have to do that.

So, surely some of you are going to exclaim:

But how is it possible that a human can be prevented from reincarnating?

Well, yes, it is possible.

But it is not easy, to the point that it requires the collaboration of several Masters to achieve it, and we must first discuss the matter with this human making him understand the situation. And if this human is sufficiently compressive, he will accept to experience an ordeal.

And I say an ordeal because it is not nice for this human to stop his reincarnation.

Imagine for a moment the pain that this human feels because the need for a new reincarnation it is pressing him. Just like at the end of the nine months, the baby feels convulsions to get out of his mother's womb.

Well, in the same way a human that is about to reincarnate feels the cosmic convulsions, and that is why he begins to descend towards the Earth. But unfortunately we must stop him before he reaches the physical plane and say him:

« Dear brother,

The situation in the World has changed since your last reincarnation, and for the moment it is not convenient for humans to learn what you know. So unless you accept to incarnate in complete isolation as an ascetic hidden in the depths of the mountains, we will have to ask you to stay here on this subtle plane, and we welcome you among us, and we offer you our temple for your stay.

  But you must not go further. »

And after the human has listened to us, he concentrates in his interior to evaluate the speed of his energies, because it is not only for him to say yes or no. But he also has to evaluate the speed and oscillation of his vibrations, to know if this speed will allow a brake or not.

And if he sees that the speed is too great, he knows then that he will not be able to retain the energy and therefore the discovery. And in those cases he prefers to remain in the etheric plane where we will take care of him.

And it is not easy to retain a human soul.

Because his final destination was the physical body, then we need to give him anchor points so that he can remain anchored in the etheric plane, because otherwise the forces of reincarnation would push him towards matter, towards the physical plane.

And usually we give him symbols that will represent for a certain time a form of matter for that soul. And these symbols become very alive at that moment, and this human can (if he wishes) work in another way for his evolution during his stay in our temple.

Then, to go back to the higher planes of existence is very simple. In any case it is much simpler than what had to be done to retain him. He just has to resent the rhythm and this human goes back up, but he will not return to the level where he came from, because he could not go down to the physical plane.

He will remain in an intermediate plane and for less time than he would have remained if he had descended to the physical plane.

And then he returns to reincarnate normally.

In the meantime, the necessary changes on Earth will usually have happened so that this human can finally deliver what he has to deliver to the other human without danger.

But sometimes individuals that we could not suspect pass through our surveillance, and during their physical life they discover things that we consider that at that moment it is better to keep them hidden. But since we could not prevent it, they give him to others.

And as I mentioned before, sometimes these discoveries end up doing well, but they usually end up doing badly, and that is precisely why we did not want them to be discovered at that time.

However, you should not think that because we try to do the best possible for your evolution and your realization. You should not consider that you are being protected in a kind of incubator called Earth.

Where (if you were chicken eggs) you could calmly hatch into small chicks, then become young chickens, and finally become large adult cocks.


Do not think that because you are the main arbiter of your evolution, and therefore, you decide the path you wish to follow in this evolution. While we simply try to guide you, but we cannot force you to act against your will. »

(Conference 10.26.91)


I suspect that an example of this information that the Masters did not want to spread in society was the practice of spiritism, that although it always existed, in the 19th century had a great emergence in the West.

And one of the missions of Blavatsky (who was the messenger of the Masters for the 19th century) was to contain the harmful effects that were occurring due to the great boom that had mediumship at that time.

About this she said:

« I have been sent by my Lodge to defend the truth of modern Spiritualism, and it is my most sacred duty to reveal what it is and to unmask what it is not.

I was commanded to let people know that spiritist phenomena without the corresponding ethics and philosophy are misleading and dangerous.

And more mediumistic sessions I see, and more I clearly realize how dangerous they are for humanity because they propagate the necromantic epidemic and the nauseating magnetic fluid of their low invocations around the World.

I have frequently observed with horror, a reanimated shadow separated from the medium and took the identity of a familiar, who resulted in the customer remaining amazed.

But if only they knew the truth!

If they had seen what I have seen as frequently those monstrous deformed creatures, they invade that person expanding until they completely envelop her, and then slowly disappear inside her body as if it had been absorbed by all her pores. »
(Extracts from her writings)

We see that the spiritism practiced without a rigorous spirituality becomes a necromantic magic that attracts dark entities of the astral plane to the physical world. And if that spiritism of low quality had spread massively in society, the consequences for humanity would have been very badly.

Fortunately, over time, the interest that people had for the spiritism was reduced (and I suspect that the Masters were behind it) and although spiritist sessions are still practiced, these are already done in a more marginal way.