When a researcher asked the following question:

I have found four different tables with regard to the correspondences that exist between the rays and the chakras, and three different tables with regard to the correspondences that exist between the rays and the colors.

Why are there all these differences and would it be possible to have the exact correspondences?

Master Pasteur answered the following:

« You must know that in fact there are only three main rays. The first three rays. While the four others, they are not inferior, they are not less important, but they are changing and that is why esotericists tend to classify them as minor.

What does it mean that they are changing?

It means that according to the state of evolution and the vibratory state in which is humanity, they will have a different kind of manifestation that will completely change its appearance, its color and its mode of expression.

Take for example the ray number two which is defined by “love-wisdom.” Well, in the beginning is the great principle of knowledge and absolute love, but when it is divided to be manifested and introduced on Earth, it is in fact the ray number six which is defined by “devotion.”

But this ray six, according to the state of humanity’s development, will lead to:

- Fanaticism, which is a very low vibration that emits a very dark color.

- Or will give rise to a sometimes illusory love. A maternal love, and not in the sense that it is only reserved for mothers, but in the sense that the humans who will be depositaries of this ray and who will exercise it, they will tend to motherize humanity, until as they continue to evolve and they return to the original source that is ray two, and they will become “love-wisdom.”

So in what concern the color of the rays, consider that there are only three principal colors that correspond to the first three rays, while the colors of the other rays change according to the time and according to the individuals.

But it also depends on the purpose with those rays are used. Take for example the ray number seven which is defined as the ray of “ceremonial magic.”

If this ray is used by very spiritual beings, or by simple people, but who want to do good things, then this ray will have a beautiful violet color, and also white color because you should not forget that the rituals in general are essentially based on the white color.

But if this ray is used by black magicians, or by simple people, but who want to do evil things, then this ray can only be identified with a very dark color.

Therefore, all this varies, and that is why the teachings themselves vary according to the times. And when I say that they vary, they do not vary in their real content, but they vary in their expression.

And this does not mean that the truth has changed, but the spiritual teachings are changing as humans evolve, in order to create new "accessories" to ensure that teaching in each époque can be better understanding, and that is why structures change.

And if you do a study of religions throughout history, you can see this phenomenon, and those who have a greater openness of mind, they will conclude that God is the same in all religions, and the religions say roughly the same things.

However, in their dogma, in their ritual, in their vibrations, in their ray and consequently in their color, these religions are different.

But not in their source.

Concerning the second part of the question where you ask me to give you the exact correspondences. Due to the changing aspect of rays four, five, six and seven, it would require a very long study that I do not want to do here because I prefer to dedicate this short time that I have with you to talk about other things, because that question has already been answered in the teaching that was brought by the Masters of Wisdom. »

(Conference 06.14.88)


As usual Master Pasteur is very diplomatic and he preferred not to reveal that most of these differences are due to the fact that there are many charlatan instructors who have invented pseudo-esoteric teachings and who have put false correspondences.

But he also said something that few people know, that the first three rays are invariable, while the next four rays change according to time and people.

And he also explained that the color differs according to the purpose which the energy of that ray is used. And if it is for a positive purpose, the color will be bright. But if it is for a negative purpose, the color will be dark.

And I consider that the true correspondences are mentioned in the Original Theosophy, which was thought by Master Kuthumi and Master Morya, and their disciples Blavatsky and William Judge.

While the teachings that appeared later: Leadbeater, Besant, Bailey, Baillard, Prophet, etc. Most probably the correspondences they post must be wrong.

When I have time, I will investigate more about this theme and I will put here the results that I will find.


To this mystery, Master Pasteur gave the following answer:

«  Why is the skull round?

It could be square.

What would have prevented the divine beings of creation from elaborating humans with a square head?

Why not?

Even your head could be triangular.

Why is the skull round?

Well, it is for a reason of correspondence, since you should know that if the body of man is a temple as the Bible says, it is a temple because it is the sum of the symbols of the Universe.

And the Universe is itself the Great Cosmic Temple.

And that is why the skull is round, it is by imitation of that greater temple that is the Universe and it is round. »

(Conference 03.11.89)


It is interesting to see how in other esoteric teachings it is also affirmed that the Universe is round.

For example in the book “Talking with Angels”, the angel says:

« There is a big illusion inside this sphere [the Universe] with all its suns and all its planets and with its apparently infinite space, but which in reality is finite. »
(Conversation 28 with Gitta)

And the angel also signals the correspondence that exists between man and the Universe, and that is why the angel also says:

« Each organ of your body is the image of a force of the Universe, and it is from that cosmic force that your organ receives its own force, and so the great heartbeat of the Universe is one with the little beat of your heart. And that is why your body is in small the image of the entire Universe. »
(Conversation 24 with Lili)

And Theosophy also affirms that the Universe is round, but it does so in a more symbolic way that I detail in this other article (link). [Later I put it]

And the law of correspondence is also well known and it is taught not only in theosophical teaching, but in practically all esoteric teachings and this law says:

« As above, so below; as below, so above. »