(Note: in this article, I transcribe the information given by the Masters Kuthumi and Morya in the book “The Mahatma Letters” about eating meat and drinking alcohol.)

The Masters value very much people who are vegetarian

The Trans-Himalayan Masters show a great appreciation for those humans who are vegetarians and fight for the defense of animals.

And that is why Master Kuthumi told to his student Alfred Sinnett about Mrs. Anna Kingsford that:

« Her constant and not altogether unsuccessful strife in the cause of anti-vivisection and her staunch advocacy of vegetarianism are alone sufficient to entitle her to the consideration of our Chohans [Chiefs] as of all true Buddhists and Adwaitees. »
(ML 85, p.400)

And that despite the fact that Mrs. Kingsford sometimes spoke badly of the Masters because she was very Christian and did not like Eastern esotericism, but that did not matter to the Trans-Himalayan Masters who still appreciated her as Kuthumi pointed out in another letter:

« Suffice that you should know that her anti-vivisection struggle and her strict vegetarian diet have won entirely over to her side our stern Chief (Chohan Serapis).

He cares less than we do for any outward — or even inward — expression or feeling of disrespect to the “Mahatmas.” »
(ML 86, p.403)

But you should know that this appreciation that the Masters feel for people who are vegetarian and who defends animals, is not only due to an ethical consideration of respect for our younger siblings, but also is due to vibratory reasons.

The hidden and harmful aspect of the meat

This is a very important point (that most humans are unaware, but that is of utmost importance in esotericism), is that everything vibrates in the Universe, and the way beings vibrate will greatly influence their existence.

And the way humans vibrate depends on their thoughts, their emotions and their actions, but also on the food they eat as well as the liquids they drink.

But it turns out that the meat has a very dense vibration, so the intake of meat will cause the humans who consume it to vibrate at a very low frequency. And this is extremely unpleasant for beings that vibrate at high levels.

And that is why Master Kuthumi in a letter wrote the following:

« Since my return I found it impossible for me to breathe — even in the atmosphere of the Headquarters!

Morya had to interfere and to force the whole household to give up meat; and they had, all of them, to be purified and thoroughly cleansed with various disinfecting drugs before I could even help myself to my letters.

And I am not (as you may imagine) half as sensitive to the loathsome emanations as a tolerably respectable disembodied shell would be, — leaving out of question a real Presence, though but a “projecting” one.

In a year or so, perchance earlier, I may find myself hardened again. At present I find it impossible — do what I may. »
(ML 48, p.276)

And to understand the reasons for this, you should know that Master Kuthumi had just gone through a great initiation, of which Blavatsky revealed a few details in a letter she wrote to Mrs. Mary Hollis Billings:

« Kuthumi is now gone to sleep for three months to prepare during his Sumadhi (or continuous trance state) for his initiation, the last but one, when he will become one of the highest adepts.

His body is now lying cold and stiff in a separate square building of stone with no windows or doors in it, the entrance to which is effected through an underground passage from a door in Toong-ting (reliquary, a room situated in every Thaten (temple) or Lamisery; and his Spirit is quite free.

An adept might lie so for years, when his body was carefully prepared for it beforehand by mesmeric passes etc. It is a beautiful spot where he is now in the square tower. The Himalayas on the right and a lovely lake near the Lamisery.

His Chohan (spiritual instructor, master, and the chief) takes care of his body, and Morya also goes occasionally to visit him.  It is an awful mystery that state of cataleptic sleep for such a length of time. »
(The Theosophical Forum, Point Loma, California, May 1936, p.345)

The theosophical instructors explain that to have an initiation of a high degree, it is similar to have a surgical operation because the person is very fragile right after and he requires a period of convalescence and recovery before being able to stand up again.

And that is why when Kuthumi woke up from his Sumadhi, he had to ask at his disciple Djwal Khul to write in his place, because at that moment Kuthumi could not even write to humans meat eaters because of the fragility in which he founds at that moment.

« Honored Sir — The Master has awaked and bids me write. To his great regret for certain reasons He will not be able until a fixed period has passed to expose Himself to the thought-currents inflowing so strongly from beyond the Himavat. I am therefore, commanded to be the hand to indite his message.
. . .
Since Master will not be able to write to you himself for a month or two longer (though you will always hear of him) — He begs you to proceed for his sake with your metaphysical studies; and not to be giving up the task in despair whenever you meet with incomprehensible ideas in M\ sahib's notes, the more so, as M\ sahib's only hatred in his life, is for writing.
. . .
P.S.: Should you desire to write to Him though unable to answer Himself Master will receive your letters with pleasure; you can do so through Damodar K. Mavalankar. »
(ML 37, p.248-250)

And this is because when the Masters are with their high defenses, they can resist those very heavy vibrations that humans emit in a massive way. But when the Masters are fragile, they cannot even connect with the thought of the people who vibrate at such a dense level.

And that is why Master Kuthumi had to spend one to two months of recovery before he could again focus his thought on the mundane humans without being affected by their vibration. And Master Kuthumi had to wait a year before he was able again to approach to humans, without the dense vibration people emit destabilizing him.

But even when the Masters have up 100% their defenses, it is not easy for them to get close to the people, and so for example, in a letter that Kuthumi wrote to Colonel Olcott, he told him:

« Tomorrow night when the camp is quiet & the worst of the emanations from your audience have passed away, I shall visit you again, for a longer conversation, as you must be forewarned against certain things in the future. »
(Old Diary Leaves, Volume III)

And India is a vegetarian country, so you can imagine that in a country with carnivorous people it is much worse.

And what happens with alcohol?

Something similar happens with alcohol and that is why when Master Kuthumi wanted to approach at the house of Mr. Sinnett through his astral body, he had a lot of difficulty because:

« The brandy atmosphere in Mr. Sinnett's house is dreadful. »
(ML 27, p.207)

And some readers will think that the Masters must be exaggerating, but I can assure you from my own experience that they do not exaggerate at all.

When I practiced very assiduously the Chi-Kung of the Seven Lotus, at that time I was very sensitive to vibrations and I can confirm that most humans stink tremendously energetically.

People do not realize that because they have their “energetic smell” off, and that is why they do not care because they do not feel it, but when you start to awaken your energetic senses, your environment begins to become a disagreeable place because people usually vibrate very unpleasantly

And there are certain places that the vibration is so horrendous, that to give you an analogy is as if you were submerged in black water...!!!

And I was very little sensitive compared with Master Kuthumi is, so imagine how unbearable all these dense vibrations are for those beings who have purified themselves as much as the great initiates have done.

The dangers that exist for people who wanting to develop their occult powers, but continue to eat meat and alcohol

Now, that repudiation felt by the Masters towards low vibrations is not only due to discomfort, but also for reasons of vibratory incompatibility.

Because you must know that as you develop your hidden powers, you are also opening more and more towards the invisible worlds, and if your vibrations are dense, then you will be tuned to the beings of the lower astral, which can be very harmful to your evolution and very harmful to your well-being.

And that is why Master Kuthumi warned his student Mr. Sinnett that he could not arouse his hidden powers without risk, while he continuing to consume meat and drinking liquor:

« The disciples who believe that they will be able to reach the great initiations through "a reasonable temperance and self-control" where they resist a little and the same succumb to their desires. These disciples are wrong because Occult Science is a jealous mistress and allows not a shadow of self-indulgence; and it is “fatal” not only to the ordinary course of married life but even to flesh and wine drinking. »
(ML 18, p.122)

And this was also emphasized by the erudite Brahmin Subba Row in a letter he wrote to Mr. Sinnett in response to the request that he had made him for the same purpose:

« I am sorry to inform you that anything like practical instruction in the ritual of Occult Science is impossible under the conditions you propose. So far as my knowledge goes, no student of Occult Philosophy has ever succeeded in developing his psychic powers without leading the life prescribed for such students.

And it is not within the power of the teacher to make an exception in the case of any student. The rules laid down by the ancient teachers of Occult Science are inflexible; and it is not left to the discretion of any teacher either to enforce them or not to enforce them according to the nature of the existing circumstances.

If you find it impracticable to change the present mode of your life, you cannot but wait for practical instruction until you are in a position to make such sacrifices as Occult Science demands; and for the present you must be satisfied with such theoretical instruction as it may be possible to give you. »
(ML 131, p.458)

And this also Master Kuthumi pointed out to his other Western student (Mr. Hume):

« You ask me to teach you to converse with me through the astral light. Such a development of your psychical powers of hearing, — but the siddhi of hearing occult sounds would be not at all the easy matter as you imagine.

It was never done to any one of us, for the iron rule is that what powers one gets he must himself acquire. And when acquired and ready for use the powers lie dumb and dormant in their potentiality (like the wheels and clockwork inside a musical box).

And only then does it become easy to wind up the key and set them in motion.

Of course you have now more chances before you than my zoophagous friend Mr. Sinnett, who were he even to give up feeding on animals would still feel a craving for such a food, a craving over which he would have no control and the impediment would be the same in that case.

However, any man seriously willing to make the corresponding sacrifices, can acquire such powers and in this is based the conclusive nature of the decision. »
(ML 11, p.65)

The cajoling towards the mediums

An example of vibratory incompatibility is found in the spiritism, because as Master Kuthumi explained above: “a respectable incorporeal spirit cannot approach to a medium who eats meat and/or drinks alcohol” because the vibration of the medium is unbearable for those incorporeal beings.

Then the beings that are going to approach to this medium are going to be entities of the lower astral, and these entities are going to manipulate him.

And that is why Master Kuthumi warned his disciple Sinnett that:

« When the “spirits” reveal information to the medium Anna Kingsford, she is being informed of real events.


Because both: Maitland and herself as well as their circle of people who accompany her during her medium séances, they are strict vegetarians, while Stainton Moses is a flesh-eater and a wine and liquor drinker.

Never will the Spiritualists find reliable, trustworthy mediums and Seers (not even to a degree) so long as the latter and their “circle” will saturate themselves with animal blood and the fermented fluids. »
(ML 48, p.276)

The evil influences of the entities of the lower astral

It is necessary to specify that this bad influence from the negative entities of the lower astral occurs in every person who behaves badly or leads a very profane life, but this influence intensifies enormously on those people who are awakening their hidden faculties.

And for example, Mr. Sinnett when he returned to England (and this despite the recommendations that Master Kuthumi made him not to do) began to practice medium séances at his home.

And the result was that entities of the lower astral installed themselves in his home, as Master Kuthumi points out in a letter he wrote to Mr. Sinnett:

« Your house, my good friend, has a colony of elementaries quartering in it, and to a sensitive like her [Laura Carter Holloway], it was as dangerous an atmosphere to exist in as would be a fever cemetery to one subject to morbific physical influences.

You should be more than ordinarily careful when you get back not to encourage sensitiveness in your household, not to admit more than can be helped the visits of known mediumistic sensitives.

It would be well also to burn wood-fires in the rooms now and then, and carry about as fumigators open vessels (braziers?) with burning wood. You might also ask Damodar to send you some bundles of incense-sticks for you to use for this purpose.

These are helps, but the best of all means to drive out unwelcome guests of this sort, is to live purely in deed and thought.

We have gained our object as regards to Mrs. Holloway. She is much improved, and her whole life hereafter will be benefited by the training she is passing through. To have stopped with you would have been to her an irreparable psychic loss.

She had this shown her, before I actually consented to interfere at her own passionate prayer, between you; she was ready to fly to America, and but for my intervention would have done so.

Worse than that; her mind was being rapidly unsettled and made useless as an occult instrument. False teachers [the elementaries] were getting her into their power and false revelations misled her and those who consulted her. »
(ML 55, p.323, extracts)

And those evil influences generated by the negative entities of the lower astral can cause that a person end up becoming a black magician, as Master Kuthumi specified in another letter:

« He is a strong medium, and were it not for an inherent good nature and other good qualities, strongly counteracted by vanity, sloth, selfishness, greediness for money and with other qualities of modern civilization a total absence of will, Mr. Eglinton could become a black magician.

Yet, as I said he is “a good man" every inch of him; naturally truthful, under control — although under the influence of a dark entity, he is the opposite.

I would like if I could save him from such a life of infamy, and to do so I will do everything I can to make of him a vegetarian and an abstemious, because a total abstinence from flesh and liquor are very wisely prescribed by Mr. Hume, if he would have good results.

In good hands Mr. Eglinton will do an immense good to the Theosophical Society in India, but for this, he has through a training of purification.

Morya had to prepare him for six weeks before his departure otherwise it would have been impossible for me to project into his atmosphere even the reflection of my “double astral.” »
(ML 18, p.122 & ML 95, p.429-430)

Particular cases of people who need alcohol

Then, as you can see, the Theosophical Masters are very antagonistic with the intake of meat and the consumption of alcohol (and particularly with those individuals who want to begin to advance on the initiatory path).

But do not think that the Masters are intolerant because they themselves recognize that there are people who need alcohol to continue living.

And for example, when Mr. Hume asked Kuthumi what recommendations he gave him concerning his wife, the Master replied:

« Many are the questions you asked me in your several letters, I can answer but few. Concerning Eglinton I will beg you to wait for developments.

In regard to your kind lady the question is more serious and I cannot undertake the responsibility of making her change her diet as abruptly as you suggest. Flesh and meat she can give up at any time as it can never hurt; as for liquor with which Mrs. Hume has long been sustaining her system, you yourself know the fatal effects it may produce in an enfeebled constitution were the latter to be suddenly deprived of its stimulant.

Her physical life is not a real existence backed by a reserve of vital force, but a factitious one fed upon the spirit of liquor however small the quantity.

While a strong constitution might rally after the first shock of such a change as proposed, the chances are that she would fall into a decline. So would she if opium or arsenic were her chief sustenance.

Again I promise nothing yet will do in this direction what I can. »
(ML 11, p.64-65)

We concluded that Mrs. Hume was a very alcoholic person, and in that case, depriving her of her vice would have been more harmful than constructive because she probably would not bear the shock that abstinence from alcohol would cause in her body.

And in those cases, what is recommended is to proceed very gradually to gradually detoxify the body.

But worse than eating meat or drinking alcohol, is religious fanaticism

And this was specified by Master Morya in a letter he wrote to Blavatsky:

« Kuthumi chose to correspond with two men, who proved of the utmost importance and use to the Theosophical Society they all — whether wise or stupid, clever or dull, possibly useful or utterly useless — lay their claims to correspond with us directly — too.

Tell you that this must be stopped!

For ages we never corresponded with anyone, nor do we mean to. What has they [the orthodox Brahmans] or any other of the many claimants done to have a right to such a claim?

Nothing whatever!

They join the Theosophical Society, and though remaining as stubborn as ever in their old beliefs and superstitions, and having never given up caste or one single of their customs, they, in their selfish exclusiveness, expect to see and converse with us and have our help in all and everything.

I will be pleased if Mr. Sinnett says, to everyone of those who may address him with similar pretensions the following:

« The Trans-Himalayan Masters desire me to inform one and all of you, natives, that unless a man is prepared to become a thorough theosophist i.e. to do as Damodar Mavalankar did, — give up entirely caste, his old superstitions and show himself a true reformer (especially in the case of child marriage) he will remain simply a member of the Theosophical Society with no hope whatever of ever hearing from us. »

The Theosophical Society, acting in this directly in accordance with our orders, forces no one to become a theosophist of the 2nd Section. It is left with himself and at his choice.

It is useless for a member to argue “I am one of a pure life, I am a teetotaller and an abstainer from meat and vice. All my aspirations are for good etc.” and he, at the same time, building by his acts and deeds an impassable barrier on the road between himself and us.

Those who have believed and followed us have had their reward.

Mr. Sinnett and Hume are exceptions. Their beliefs are no barrier to us for they have none. They may have had influences around them, bad magnetic emanations the result of drink, eat meat, and promiscuous physical associations (resulting even from shaking hands with impure men) but all this is physical and material impediments which with a little effort we could counteract and even clear away without much detriment to ourselves.

Not so with the magnetism and invisible results proceeding from erroneous and sincere beliefs. Faith in the Gods and God, and other superstitions attracts millions of foreign influences, living entities and powerful agents around them, with which we would have to use more than ordinary exercise of power to drive them away.

We do not choose to do so. We do not find it either necessary or profitable to lose our time waging war to the unprogressed Planetaries who delight in personating gods and sometimes well known characters who have lived on earth. »
(ML 134, p.461-462)

And what will happen in the future?

Well, Master Kuthumi asserts that:

« Just as modern humans see their predecessors as “savage” who took pleasure in the barbaric activities of killing and enslaving their neighbors.

In the same way the humans of the future will see today's men like “primitive men” who took pleasure in the barbaric activities of eating meat and drinking alcohol. »
(ML 18, p.122)


In the esoteric World, David Pratt is a very interesting researcher because he carries out his analyzes as much from a scientific point of view as well as from a theosophical point of view.

(And which does not like to the two extremes.)

Since the fundamentalist scientists reclaim to David Pratt that he also uses the theosophical explanations, but it is because those scientists have not been investigating the esotericism in more depth to realize that not everything in esotericism is charlatanism and that also there is an esoteric teaching that is very likely to be true.

And the orthodox theosophists reclaim to David Pratt that he base on many of the explanations given by Gottfried de Purucker.

Gottfried de Purucker was the President of the Theosophical Society of Pasadena from 1929 to 1941.

And Gottfried de Purucker affirmed that he received more hidden information from the Masters, which he put in his books. Something that the members of the United Lodge of Theosophists question a lot (see link).

Personally, I think that much of what Gottfried de Purucker wrote is very interesting and generally is in accordance with what the Trans-Himalayan Masters (and their disciples) taught. But I have also discovered that Gottfried de Purucker inventing things. And that is why I recommend paying attention to what he said, but maintaining caution.

However, despite this, David Pratt certainly writes very detailed and very interesting articles, and although I do not always agree with the conclusions he reaches, I do agree that it is really worth reading his articles.

His website is:


The Longest Text in the Book
“Practical Occultism” Was Not Penned by Blavatsky

(The following text reproduces Chapter Twelve of the book “The Fire and Light of Theosophical Literature” by Carlos Cardoso Aveline, and later re-transcribed in the “The Aquarian Theosophist” magazine, 2013, p. 255.)

The little book "Practical Occultism" first published in 1948 by the Theosophical Publishing House of the Adyar Society, presents the name of Helena P. Blavatsky as its author, but the largest of its three articles was not written by her.

The name of its true author is still unknown.

Widely circulating around the world for several decades in different languages and countries, the pocket-size book “Practical Occultism” has 106 pages and one big mistake (1).

The article wrongly ascribed to Blavatsky is entitled “Some Practical Suggestions for Daily Life” and goes from page 63 up to the end of the volume. It occupies some 40 per cent of the book.

The first two texts in the volume were indeed penned by Blavatsky. Their titles are “Practical Occultism” and “Occultism Versus the Occult Arts”.

As to the third and largest text, besides not having been written by Blavatsky, it contains a number of erroneous ideas. Some of them deserve an examination. Right at the opening paragraph, for instance, “Some Practical Suggestions for Daily Life” says:

« Rise early, as soon as you are awake, without lying idly in bed, half-waking and half-dreaming. Then earnestly pray that all man-kind may be spiritually regenerated, that those who are struggling on the path of truth may be encouraged by your prayers and work more earnestly and successfully and that you may be strengthened and not yield to the seductions of the senses.

Picture before your mind the form of your Master as engaged in Samadhi. Fix it before you, fill in all the details, think of him with reverence, and pray that all mistakes of omission and commission may be forgiven. This will greatly facilitate concentration, purify your heart, and do much more. » (2)

In theosophy, however, students are not taught to pray. H.P. Blavatsky examined the subject in the section five of her book “The Key to Theosophy”. In the dialogue between the “Enquirer” and the “Theosophist”, it is asked:

-      “Do you believe in prayer, and do you ever pray?”

And “Theosophist” answers:

-      “We do not. We act, instead of talking.”

The Enquirer insists:

-      “You do not offer prayers even to the Absolute Principle?”

To which the answer is quite clear:

-      “Why should we? Being well-occupied people, we can hardly afford to lose time in addressing verbal prayers to a pure abstraction.”

In the paragraphs following this, Blavatsky explains that in theosophy there is only a will-prayer, which is “rather an internal command than a petition” (3).

The discussion goes on for several pages. Blavatsky clarifies that one of the reasons to reject the practice of prayers as petitions to any external power is that they destroy self-reliance in the consciousness of the student.

By making prayers, a devotee takes a passive attitude before life and tries to convince himself that he can obtain a sort of “karmic irresponsibility”. Denial of the Karmic Law through a naive devotion to some “savior” is one of the main forms of illusion in popular spirituality.

Each student must develop his own active and creative Will, and make an effort to sow that which he would like to harvest.

In discipleship, it is not acceptable to expect personal help from a Master, or to pray that a Teacher would remove the consequences of one’s mistakes. One has to learn from the results of one’s actions, instead of wishing they were erased by some super-natural power.

The duty of a Master is not to distribute absolutions. It is to give the student elements of information so that he can work with autonomy and altruism towards self-liberation through self-knowledge, and then self-forgetfulness.

One must know oneself in order to be able to forget oneself.

It is enough to take a look at “Some Practical Suggestions for Daily Life” to see that it is a compilation of paragraphs taken from various books and articles, and that such a content couldn’t have been penned by Blavatsky.

The text was analyzed by several researchers. In the second semester of 2005, unpublished annotations made by Canadian researchers Ernest Pelletier and Ted G. Davy, and individual commentaries written by North-American theosophist Dallas TenBroeck were kindly sent to us.

Ernest Pelletier made considerations as to the name of the real author of “Some Practical Suggestions for Daily Life”. Pelletier and Davy gave emphasis to the fact that these transcriptions are not correctly done. The would-be quotations include ideas not present in the original texts and distort some of them, having no value as transcriptions.

Mr. Dallas TenBroeck (1922-2006) a long-standing associate of the ULT, examined many of the paragraphs in the text and showed that their contents are rather senseless. In October 2005, Jerome Wheeler also helped getting evidences on the subject


  1. “Practical Occultism”, H.P. Blavatsky, The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras (Chennai), India; Wheaton, Ill., USA; London, England. Copyright TPH 1948. First edition 1948. Second to Sixth printing 1959-1981. Seventh printing 1987. Eight printing 1989. Printed at the Vasanta Press, Adyar, India, 106 pp. 
  2. “Practical Occultism”, pp. 67-68. 
  3. “The Key to Theosophy”, Theosophy Co., Los Angeles, 1987, 310 pp., see pp. 66-67. 


Personally, I suspect that the real author of that article was Charles Leadbeater and he falsely attributed it to Blavatsky, and I suspect that because he did the same thing with the book "At the Feet of the Master" which he falsely attributed to Krishnamurti, and there, we also perceives how he alters the Theosophical teaching to adapt it to his Catholic beliefs.

And surely there will be readers who will ask me why I recommend praying and asking for help from the Beings of Light, but the detail is that I recommend doing it in a different way than religious believers do it.

And so that you understand me, observe how the University works: there it is recommended that the students ask for help to their teachers to elaborate their theses, but obviously the teachers are not going to write that thesis for them.

And the same happens with the tests that life gives us, where the Beings of Light are willing to help us, but they are not going to solve our problems because it is up to us to deal with our Karma.

So do not ask to the Beings of Light to solve your life, but instead ask them to help you so that you can be victorious from the trials you have to go through.