The Masters of Wisdom taught that humans evolve cosmically on Earth through seven immense periods of time called Rounds, and on this subject Master Kuthumi explained that:

1st Round. – In the first round, man is an ethereal being - not intelligent, but super-spiritual. And in each of the subsequent races-roots, sub-races, and minor races through which he passes, he develops more and more into a boxed or incarnated being, although he is still preponderantly ethereal. And like the animal and the vegetable, in this first round man develops monstrous bodies in correspondence with the coarseness of the environment (which is also initially ethereal).

2nd Round. – Man is still gigantic and ethereal, but his body becomes increasingly firm and condensed. He becomes a more physical man, though still less intelligent than spiritual, because the evolution of the mind is slower and more difficult than that of the physical structure, and the mind does not develop as rapidly as the body.

3rd Round. – Now man has a perfect, concrete, and compact body; at first with the form of a giant ape, and he is more intelligent (or rather cunning) than spiritual. Because in the descending arc, he has now reached the point where his primordial spirituality has been eclipsed or dominated by his nascent mentality. And in the last half of this third round, his gigantic stature decreases, his body improves in texture (perhaps the microscope could help demonstrate this) and becomes a more rational being – although he is still more an ape than a man.

4th Round. – This is the current round, and in this round the intellect has a huge development. The mute races will acquire human speech in our globe, starting from the fourth race-root (known as the Atlantean race), language is perfected and the knowledge of physical things increases. The World is full of the results of the intellectual activity and vice versa the spiritual decline. In the first half of the fourth race-root, sciences, arts, literature and philosophy were born; and being eclipsed in one nation, they were reborn in another. . . .

5th Round . – Here there is also the same relative development and the same struggles continue.
6th Round . -
7th Round . -
Of these we do not have to speak. (Mahatma Letter 14, p.87 and 88)

(No, Kuthumi, you leave us in suspense...)

However, he left some indications, since he explained that there are men (still few) who by their own efforts are ahead of Humanity in its evolution:

« Plato and Confucius were men who acquired the development that humanity will have in the fifth round, and our Lord Gautama Buddha for the impeccability of his reincarnations, he has already acquired the development that humans will have in the sixth round. »
(ML 14, p.84)

(But in fact, Buddha is an enigma, since in principle, people cannot outstrip humanity for more than one round of interval, but his journey of reincarnations was so successful that he succeeded.)

Then we can assume that:

5th Round. – Man acquires wisdom. His mind is fully developed and becomes an independent individual (because they must know that the majority of humanity today still lives in greater or lesser proportion with a mass consciousness) and the man finally manages to fully control his inner animal nature (Kama).

6th Round. – Man attains full enlightenment, spirituality surpasses the intellect, and he frees himself from the bonds of matter.

7th Round. – Man becomes a "Man-God". His spirituality and his powers are fully developed.

The human being returns to his initial spiritual state, but while at the beginning he was an unconscious and passive being, now he becomes a conscious and active Being.

(Observation: Buddha, Plato and Confucius were men who already acquired the development of more advanced rounds, but their bodies did not.) What will be the morphology of humans in the next rounds? It is a mystery.)

And in other letters the Masters gave more details:

  • Since the beginning of the seven rounds, man has in germ all seven principles included in it, but none of them is developed, so we would be right to consider it as a “cosmic baby.” (ML 15)
  • And in each of the seven rounds, he makes one of his seven principles fully developed. (ML 15)

  • The human begins his descent in the first round as an entirely spiritual entity - a seventh unconscious principle – with the germs of the other six principles lying dormant and asleep in him. . . . And when it touches our planet (that is, globe D of Earth's chain), the human is only a glorious beam of light on a sphere (Earth) that in itself is still pure and unpolluted. (ML 13)
  • In the first round, your consciousness is dull and is rather weak and vague; something similar to the conscience of a small child. On the other hand, when the man arrives on our Earth in the second round, he becomes responsible to a certain degree for his acts, and in the third round, he becomes almost completely responsible. (ML 15)
  • But it is not until the fourth round, when having attained complete possession of his Kama-energy (that is, of his inner animal nature) and is fully mature, that man becomes fully responsible for his acts. . . . And man's volition, his intelligence and conscience, will only awaken when his fourth Kama principle has matured and been completed by the successive contact he has had with the invigorating forces of all forms that he has before gone through during the previous three rounds. (ML 13)
  • And in each stage and in each round its development goes hand in hand with the planetary globe in which it is located. (ML 15)
  • Because the human race and every living thing on the planet increase its materiality in relation to the very materiality that exists on that planet [and that is why, as Earth densifies, we densify ourselves with it]. (ML 13)
  • The present humanity is in its fourth round . . . and like their different races (as well as the individual entities that constitute them), all of them are carrying out unconsciously and for themselves [races and individuals] their local sevenfold terrestrial cycles – And this is the reason why they exist great differences among the humans in their degrees of intelligence, energy, spirituality, etc. [Because some started sooner and others later]. (ML 13)
  • And of course many people are differentiated even in the fourth round, since the germs of the principles are not developed at all equally. (ML 15)
  • Men (the few who have come early) to the level of the fifth round, though only in their first step (first race or rather, class), are nonetheless much evolved than us – spiritually if not intellectually; since with the consummation or full development of this fifth Manas principle (the mental one) they have come closer to what we are, and are in close contact with their sixth principle, Bhuddi (the spiritual soul). (ML 15)
  • The few [current] men of the fifth round, do not father children of the fifth round, but of the fourth round (ML 23)
  • In the sixth round, the human can become a Buddha, and in the seventh round, in a Dhyan Chohan [a superior intelligence that oversees Creation]. (ML 13)
  • And during the seventh round men will have become “gods” [in divine beings]. (ML 23)

The "cosmic baby" from the beginning of the first round (with its seven principles in a dormant state) grew and became a ”Cosmic Man” at the end of the seventh round (with its seven fully developed principles) . And that is one of the goals of the planets and their life cycles of seven rounds, is to engender a new generation of divine beings.

_ _ _

Almost nothing has been taught about how man develops in the other Earth Chain globes, but by the law of correspondence ("how it’s down, it’s up"), we can assume that the process is similar, only at more subtle levels, and this process also occurs on the other planets.

(Note: and to have a better understanding of this matter, I recommend you read the whole theme "Rounds-Chains-Globes" in the order in which I put it in this link)

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