On this theme, Master Kuthumi said:

« There is no doubt that your geologists are very learned, since under the five continents they have explored and fathomed, they have found in their bowels the “Eocene Age”** and forced it to deliver them its secrets.

But then, why not consider the possibility that they may also be hidden deep beneath the still un-fathomed ocean beds, the existence of other, much older, continents whose stratums have never been geologically explored.

(And despite all our modern technology, we have only been able to explore geologically less than 3% of the ocean floor.)

And when the men will explore those stratums under the ocean floor, that day will completely disrupt his current theories of geology.

So why not consider (although it is true that no one of them has ever thought of it) that our current continents — like the continents of "Atlantis" and "Lemuria" — have already been several times already, submerged and had the time to reappear again, and bear their new groups of civilizations.

And that, at the first great geological upheaval, at the next cataclysm (in the series of periodical cataclysms that occur from the beginning to the end of every Round) our current known continents will go down and the "Lemurias" and the "Atlantises" will come up again.

Think of the future geologists of the sixth and seventh root-races [who will live in several million years in the future, on those continents they are currently submerged, and that by then, they will reappear again to the surface of the planet], and Imagine them digging deep in the bowels of what was Ceylon and Simla, and finding in their excavations implements of the Veddhas, or the remote ancestors of the Pahari.

And on the other hand, they will not find anything of the modern civilization, because every object belonging to it will have been pulverized to dust by the great masses of travelling glaciers, during the next glacial period.

Then imagine those future geologists finding only such rude implements as now found among those savage tribes; and forthwith declaring that during that period (the current one) the man was primitive, he climbed and slept on the trees, and sucked the marrow out of animal bones after breaking them (as civilized Europeans no less than the Veddahs will often do) hence jumping to the conclusion that in the XIX century mankind was composed of “men like animals.”

Well, this same error is the one that your current modern science is committing with its explorations. »
(Mahatma Letter 23B, p.151-152)


« And by the way, whoever wrote the review of Ignatius Donnelly's Atlantis book* is right, because Lemuria cannot be confused with the Atlantic Continent than Europe with America.

Both sunk and were drowned with their high civilizations, nevertheless between the two catastrophes (the sinking of Lemuria and the sinking of Atlantis) a long period of about 700’000 years elapsed.

Lemuria flourishing and ending her career just at about that long lapse of time before the early part of the Eocene Age, since its Root-Race was the third. »
(ML 23B, p.151)


« And for the sinking of Atlantis (I refer to the group of continents and isles), this begun during the Miocene period**, in the same way as certain of your continents are now observed to be gradually sinking. And it culminated, first, in the final disappearance of the largest continent an event coincident with the elevation of the Alps; and second with that of the last of the fair islands mentioned by Plato.

The Egyptian priests of Sais told his ancestor Solon [who was one of the seven ancient sages of Greece (638-558 BC)] that Atlantis (i.e. the only remaining large island) had perished 9’000 years before their time [ie about 11’500 years before our present time].

And this was not a fancy date, since they had for millenniums preserved most carefully their records. But they only spoke about the island of Poseidonis, and they would not reveal to Solon, all the secret chronology that they possessed.

_ _ _

My brother Morya thinks that for your purposes I better give you a few more details upon Atlantis, but I am unable to give you purely “scientific” information since we can never agree entirely with Western conclusions; and that ours will be rejected as “unscientific.”

Yet both geology and paleontology bear witness to much we have to say. Of course your Science is right in many of her generalities, but her premises are wrong, or at any rate — very faulty.

For instance, she is right in saying that while the new America was forming the ancient Atlantis was sinking and gradually washing away; but she is neither right in her given epochs nor in the calculations of the duration of that sinking.

And this latter, will be also the future fate of the British Islands, which will be the first on the list of victims that will be destroyed by fire (submarine volcanoes) and by water. And then France and other lands will follow suit.

(But do not worry because we are talking about geological processes, which take a long time to complete.)

And when these European lands reappear again, the last seventh sub-race of the sixth Root-Race will be flourishing in the continents that were previously known as “Atlantis” and “Lemuria”, and that by then, they will have resurfaced (and in fact, their reappearance following immediately the disappearance of the present isles and continents).

And in that future age, there will be found very few seas and great portions of water on the planet, because waters as well as land appearing and disappearing and shifting periodically and each in turn. »
(ML 23B, p.155-156)

(There is an alternation between periods where there is more water on the Earth´s surface, and periods where there is more land on the surface of the planet.)


* Original title: Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, 1882. Reviewed in the Theosophist magazine, Vol. III, No.9, June 1882, p.237.
** I suppose that the dates have to correspond to the dates given in the theosophical though, and which differ from the dates given by the geology (see the comparison between the geological and esoteric time scale). [I will put after]


1) In the Secret Doctrine it is mentioned that:

« About 850’000 years have passed since the last great peninsula of the great Atlantis was submerged. »
(DS II, p.10)

Which implies that about 1.5 million years have passed since the sinking of Lemuria.

2) For a better understanding of what are the races-roots and sub-races, I recommend you read this article (see the human races: introduction)

3) To facilitate the understanding of what Master Kuthumi said, let us take a more western example and consider that within several thousand years, when an ice age returns, the glaciers will cover a big part of Europe and North America, crushing and pulverizing cities like New York, London or Paris.

And if we add that both continents will sink for several hundred thousand years, burying with it the traces of Western civilization under several meters of sediment layer.

Then it is very likely that the geologists of future civilizations will conclude that European or North American civilization is just a myth that the old men of the 21st century invented, since there are no traces of it. And they will think this erroneous theory until they explore closer the ocean floor...

4) And there is a lot of debate among the theosophists and the modern orthodox geologists, who completely reject the idea that the continents can submerge and emerge, and I have summarized this debate in this other article (see Geology versus Theosophy). [I will put after]

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