Those who have read me will have noticed that I have often defended Blavatsky, and some of they will think that it is because of adoration and that I am sanctifying her, but I assure you that it is not so.

I am very aware that she also had her defects (like everyone else).

And on this aspect Master Kuthumi mentioned that:

« Looking everywhere we found in America the man to stand as leader [of the future Theosophical Society: Henry Steel Olcott], a man of great moral courage, unselfish, and having other good qualities. He was far from being the best, but he was the best one available.

And with him we associated a woman of most exceptional and wonderful endowments [Blavatsky]. Combined with them she had strong personal defects, but just as she was, there was no second to her living fit for this work [of being the messenger of the Trans-Himalayan Masters in the nineteenth century].

We sent her to America, brought them together and the trial began. »
(Mahatma Letter 44, p.263)

I have no personal interest in defending her, since I do not even belong to a Theosophical organization, because although I appreciate Theosophists, I like to be a free-thinker.

The reason why I do, it is by RESPECT.

In my long search in the tortuous world of esotericism I have ended up being disgusted by so much fraud that there is and so much manipulation that is created. I think it's the discipline with the most charlatans per square meter they can find.

Unscrupulous and ambitious people take advantage of the fact that at present it is not possible to scientifically prove the esoteric teachings, and therefore they abuse the legitimate quest that people have for understanding existence.

So the rare times I have found someone whose teaching has consistency, is enriching and I perceive that it is probably true, you will understand that I greatly value this instructor.

And one of those instructors was Blavatsky and it is impressive how for more than a century they have taken to discrediting her!

I do not think there is a guide who has been more slandered than she. What makes me think that there are hidden interests, so that their teaching is not valued and spread.

And that is why at my modest level I strive to claim her name and it is not a claim based on faith, but with evidence.

¡There are all the historical facts and documents that attest it!

And the same thing I can say about William Judge.

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